migration sort intrinsics from MPEiX to HPUX (229 Views)
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migration sort intrinsics from MPEiX to HPUX

Sorry for wasting your time and that i must insist on this problem!
I've read
very carrefully, i understood, but i still ask again!

I would like to program with FORTRAN some libraries under HPUX which should work as internal sorting intrinsics from MPEiX.
That's why i have to ask you kindly how i could get the source codes of these sorting intrinsics under MPE.
I need these source codes from MPE/iX in order to make them work for HPUX.

Thank you and best regards!
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Re: migration sort intrinsics from MPEiX to HPUX


I'm sorry to hear that it's a difficult answer. It sounds like the source code belongs to HP and HP will not give it.

I apologize if I'm not understanding correctly, but perhaps you could program the algorithms yourself? Donald Knuth's classic books:


provide, as I recall, algorithms for all kinds of sorts and searches. I think one whole book is on sorting/searching.

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Re: migration sort intrinsics from MPEiX to HPUX


It sounds like a licensing and copyright issue. HP has not yet released the source code for MPE/iX. This issue is a very delicate one and in my opinion will not be resolved for a long time. :-(

I suggest you look at either the OpenMPE website or HP3000-L listserver for additional information about the copyright issues.

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