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Replacing DTCs to give IP access to printers

We have many impact printers connected to our network/HP3000 via DTC's. I need to have the printers accessible over IP so our PC network can access them. Currently the DTC's in our remote locations connect to standard IP based hubs and routers back to the 3000 but the printers have no IP addresses so I could reach them through the LAN/WAN. What HW can I get to connect the printers to IP based network so both the HP3000 and my Windows/Linux based PCs and servers can also use the printers? The 3000 has an IP address but it is the only address, there are none for any of it's other peripheals. I am a very skilled in the TCP/IP world but know very little about the 3000 or MPEix. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Replacing DTCs to give IP access to printers

Hello Jerry,

I don't know what type of printers are you talking about, but whith a P405, for example, you can add a Jetdirect HW and configure it, with Jetdirect or webjectadmin software to have an IP address and print from HP9000, HP3000, Linux, Windows,etc.

I have a laser, but the situation is the same, with a JetDirect configured card, I can print from a HP3000, HP9000 and W2000.

There are several JetDirect HW cards, so tell to your partner which can be the best solution for you.

Note that if you want to print from a HP3000 you must read

HTH, Vicente.
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Re: Replacing DTCs to give IP access to printers

Hello Jerry,

The MPE/iX OS release 5.5 (and higher) provides Network Printing capability over IP address. The supported printer interface is JetDirect, printer must be talking PCL and PJL.

For more details in configuring and operating the network printer on MPE/iX, Please refer to the chapter 3 of the "Native Mode Spooler Reference" manual available at
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Re: Replacing DTCs to give IP access to printers


There are a number of third party spooling products which will also fit your requirement.
ESPUL, from RAC Consulting, and NBSPOOL from
Quest Software come to mind real quick.

You can also ask your question to the as there a a large number of 3000 gurus on that list. There is also a 'Solutions Guide' published by Interex.

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