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Hp3000 to HP9000

I want to get in contact with a company that migrated from hp3000 to hp9000. I am interested in the conversion /migration part.
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Re: Hp3000 to HP9000


Since you didn't specify what type of application you are interested in, it's kinda hard to respond. However, last year Interex and HP sponsored a traveling 'Transition' show which covered the topics in pretty good depth. There is a lot to cover. The whitepapers are available from HP and Interex. There are scheduled to be some good sessions on transitions at the HP3000 Solutions Symposium - West later this week. Transitioning is also on the topics for this years HPWorld Conference in Atlanta. You can get information about either event at the following site.


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Re: Hp3000 to HP9000

Hello Ed,

Here are some links that help:

e3000 Transition partners:

e3000 Transition Webcast series:

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Re: Hp3000 to HP9000


On behalf of others, thanks for listing the url's. I must admit that I lost them... :-(

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Re: Hp3000 to HP9000


You are welcome to contact us to see whether you can gain from our migration experience. Some particular points about our own migration:

Totally sourced in Cobol, including HP extensions, and MPE Intrinsics.
Applications use Image, KSAM, Sequential and serial file methods.
Includes use of background jobs, UDCs, command files, user language swapping for screens and reports.
Extensive use of ???linked??? programs. Use of "group" items in Image schema.
Use of the standard MPE-bundled ODBC.

We did our original migration in 1995 but continue to develop the applications on MPE/iX and migrate each enhanced program so that it can be used on both platforms. This has required us to develop and maintain more techniques and standards than for a one-time conversion.

We shall be very happy to talk to you. Initially please contact:

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Re: Hp3000 to HP9000


We are using:
- Neartek's AMX to migrate applications (Cobol, Pascal, Fortran, SPL).

- Denkart's EdWin to migrate VPLUS.

- Oracle.

Other languages like PowerHouse is supposed to be auto-migrated.

If you need more information ,please e-mail me

Regards, Vicente.
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