HP3000 and PCs connections (392 Views)
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HP3000 and PCs connections

I am very happy to find this place from where I had a lot of ideas.
I work on a HP3000/918 with MPE/ix 6.0 and I want to connect it to a PC where I want to install Reflection. I have an idea on the NS configuration in NMMGR, but how to make the hardware connection between the PC and the HP3000 ? Must I use a card network on the PC or is a COM port sufficient ? The connection on the HP is through the DTC (RJ45) ?
In this case can I specify an IP address in the HP?
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Re: HP3000 and PCs connections

Hello Djamila,

There are 2 ways to connect your PC running Reflection:

1) PC connected to the network (PC requiring a lan card)

2) PC connected the DTC (using PC serial COM port)
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Re: HP3000 and PCs connections

thanks Emile !!

Now I have a LAN card. That is mean that I must have REFLECTION in the PC before the "PING" command will work ?
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Re: HP3000 and PCs connections

Hi Djamila,

You need to installed Reflection on your PC so you can access the HP3000 system. As for the PING command, it will work as long as your PC is configure to access the network. You do not require reflection to execute the PING command. (what OS platfrom are you running on your PC?)

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Re: HP3000 and PCs connections


There is another terminal emulator available called QCTerm which is available from aics.

You can download from the site below.


A number of the 3000-L listers utilize this product. You can search the archives of the 3000-L at ( watch the wrap).


Chuck Ciesinski

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Re: HP3000 and PCs connections

Chuck forgot a very important word when he said you can download QCTERM. The word he left out is FREE. QCTERM uses TELNET which is native to MPE so there are no hidden costs.
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Re: HP3000 and PCs connections


The better way to connect the two machines is
via network (yes RJ45)
That will give you fast connection not like COM
Check the connection between them with ping install the reflection and have fun.

Specify the ip on hp with ifconfig

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Re: HP3000 and PCs connections

I have QCTerm now !! Befor, I worked with AdvanceLink (arabic version). It had gave me a good result.
And now what I want is to connect my HP3000 network to a local network (PCs), where the server IBM Netfinity-3500 and the clients PCs are connected with a HUB.

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