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hpux certification

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Does anyone know of any revision notes to prepare for the hpux cert exam?

I feel certain that I am 70% towards sitting the exam but still do need to do more work.





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Re: hpux certification

REad this:


A few years of hands on wouldn't hurt.

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Re: hpux certification

Get the updated HP-UX CSA Book:


There will be questions 11i V2 specific.

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Re: hpux certification

Hi lawrenzo

You can refer to these link. These may help you something and give you a list of topics you will most probably be tested on (See "Course Outline" in these pages):

Goodluck to you my friend

All the best

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Re: hpux certification

Hi Lawrenzo

I'd defintely recommend the Rafeeq book - make sure you order the updated edition.

I'd also recommend that if finances permit you buy the CSE Guide as well. Its a new book and is an excellent source of advanced HP Sysadmin material.

Good luck.

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Re: hpux certification

Thanks all,

I started in unix about 4 years ago doing operator and backup related tasks.

Over the past 2.5 years I have been doing more and more UNIX sys admin work and for the
1.5 years have been carrying out sys admin tasks in the organisation I work in.

I have completed several of the HPUX course including up to sysadmin 2.

i have sat 3 mock exams and am scoring around 65% so almost there!

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