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Business innovation thrives with software innovation and quality matters now more than ever. Application teams are running to keep up with business demand by embracing the technologies and methodologies that will help them build faster with confidence to engage consumers, go mobile and release continuously. How does a modern testing team keep up? This blog will focus on the importance and role of the tester, the innovations in testing processes, test tools, test automation solutions and best practices and discuss how to balance speed with quality through Agile, mobile, web, composite and cloud application testing.

Ready, Set, Mobilize! At Super Mobility Week MobileCon 2014!

mobile con.jpgWe have a mission for you! If you are attending the 2014 MobileCon event, not only will you participate in the largest mobile event in North America, but you will also have an opportunity to participate in this special mission.

HP Network Virtualization, as easy as 1- 2- 3: key features

When to use network virtualization.pngNow that you know the benefits of HP Network Virtualization, it is time to take an in-depth look at what network virtualization is and how it benefits you.


Keep reading to find out more about Network Virtualization and how it all fits within your Lifecycle Virtualization.

HP Network Virtualization, as easy as 1- 2- 3: value proposition

network virtualization.jpgNetwork Virtualization and Lifecycle Virtualization in general is gaining ground in the field of applications. This is the perfect opportunity to help you become better prepared for the future.


Keep reading to get an overview of HP Network Virtualization and its specifics.

Quality of Testing: Test automation and continuous integration with HP Unified Functional Testing

the future.pngSoftware testers live under the mantra to test early, test often and test continuously. But what happens when quality is sacrificed for speed?


Continue reading to find out how you can maintain your quality of testing (with speed) with the help of HP Unified Functional Testing.

HP Network Virtualization…. As Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

123 blocks.jpgDo you know all of the capabilities of HP Network Virtualization? This software provides users with the unique ability to get accurate and repeatable results from their tests by including network conditions.


Keep reading to find out how easy it really is!

What sort of tester are you?

keep calm and continue testing.pngDid you know there are several specialized roles in the QA and testing profession?  What type of testers have the highest earning potential? Which testing path if any is right for you?


Read on to find out more. 

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Announcing HP Unified Functional Testing version 12.01! The next advancement in automation testing


We are proud to announce the release of the first service pack on top of UFT 12!


Read inside what it contains and why it is a mandatory service pack for our customers.

You're invited to a party in the cloud.


What is the future of testing?


The future of testing is fast, iterative and agile.    


The future of testing is mobile and in the cloud.


The future of testing is HERE.


Keep reading to learn about the storm that's about to arrive.

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Results from InformationWeek “How To Test Without Production Access” webinar

Results from InformationWeek “How To Test Without Production Access” webinar

We had another great webinar on July 22, 2014; recording available here. A lot of fun sharing some solid information along with InformationWeek on this very relevant topic of 'How to test without production access."  I start by sharing a bit on COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) and transition into helping you understand the challenges and review the four legs of the table along with references from major analysts in the market on ROI and results . I would like to encourage you to join me as we cover 'How to Test without Production Access' in four (4) easy to understand ways, including:

1.  User virtualization
2.  Service virtualization
3.  Network virtualization
4.  Data virtualization


You know that you cannot risk going into production without testing in an actual production environment, but you do not have access to production. In this webinar, you will learn why User Virtualization, (UV), Service Virtualization (SV), Network Virtualization (NV) and Data Virtualization (DV) have been so important to your peers and competitors in dealing with this issue through references, best practices, compelling ROI and Break Even Calculations.


Attend this webinar to learn how to:

1.  Make your prior to production environments like production;
2.  Ensure quality of feature function to production in the shortest time possible;
3.  Deliver high performance and resilient apps into production.

Results from “The What, When, Who, and How of Software Lifecycle Virtualization Capabilities"

Results from “The What, When, Who, and How of Software Lifecycle Virtualization Capabilities” webinar

We had another great webinar on July 16, 2014; recording available here. This was a very active discussion (got a lot of comments, questions, and emails all live during the webinar) as Theresa Lanowitz (Voke) and I shared our experiences and what we are hearing / seeing in the market related to Software Lifecycle Virtualization. We would like to encourage you to join us as we cover Software Lifecycle Virtualization in four (4) easy to understand ways, including:

1.  What

2.  When

3.  Who

4.  How


Listen to see the results of the three (3) polls, our response to real-time feedback in the webinar, and answers to some of the questions we received. We are sure this will prove to be time well spent for you, and provide the talking points you need, especially as you are starting and expanding Lifecycle Virtualization within your organization.

Results from “Top 5 Testing Challenges: Mobile, Cloud, Agile, Performance, and Big Data” webinar

Results from “Top 5 Testing Challenges: Mobile, Cloud, Agile, Performance, and Big Data” webinar


We had a great webinar on July 9, 2014. Several hundred people participated and contributed to the fact that our ability to test and deliver quality software is more complicated than ever today due to the rapid changes across many domains causing “Testing Challenges, including:

  1. Mobile
  2. Cloud
  3. Agile
  4. Performance
  5. Big Data

WEBINAR: Software Lifecycle Virtualization: What, When, Who, and How

Join us for an upcoming webinar titled, "Software Lifecycle Virtualization: What, When, Who, and How" with Todd DeCapua (HP) and Theresa Lanowitz (Voke) for the live broadcast on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. EST and 10:00 a.m. PST 


Effective and efficient communication and collaboration is more critical than ever in today’s global environment. However, many organizations are faced with aging and inflexible software lifecycles and infrastructures without a unified or systematic approach. Software lifecycle virtualization technology is playing an increasingly important role in the application lifecycle and affecting the developmental ability of testing teams to access limited or unavailable services in a simulated, virtual environment. Such technology speeds application delivery, eliminates risks and reduces cost by virtualizing services within existing environments. 

HP Unified Functional Testing’s Insight in action: The Office Watchdog

Capture.PNGHP Unified Functional Testing’s image-based testing feature, Insight, has some powerful capabilities that can be used for some interesting (and fun!) purposes.  One thing I’ve been using it for is to keep an eye on my cubicle and check up on who’s been nosing around.


Continue reading to watch the video of Insight in action as the office watchdog, and learn how I created the script.


(This post was written by Roee Weisbert, of the UFT R&D team)

Hang out with me at HP Discover and see what I see through Google glass!

my glass2.pngFor those who are attending HP Discover, the rule is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! (Well not really, we encourage you to share what you learn during the week.) However for those who can’t make it to Discover (or if you are attending and just want to have fun using a new social media concept) feel free to follow me during the event.  I plan to share is much information and interesting facts or opinions live using Google glass. Read on to find out how you can become part of the inner circle of HP Discover.

Think you know everything about Application Development Management?

fabulous_las_vegas.jpgHP Discover is the hottest Application Lifecycle Management event of the year. (Seriously, it is going to be 108 degrees in Las Vegas this year!)


Keep reading to get the guide to find your way around this year’s event and how we plan on expanding your knowledge about Application Development Management.

For mobile application testing, do you head to the wild or to the lab?

Mobile is having a remarkable impact on software testing—highlighting its importance but also driving the need for expanded practices to ensure a great customer experience. This dynamic is leading to the discussion in testing communities on the alternatives of lab testing vs. crowd sourced (often called “in the wild”) testing.  In this blog, I’m going to share a perspective that changes the dialog and provides an alternative view.   I’m going to take the position that in-the-wild testing is a complementary practice to in-the-lab testing. Read on to here why…

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Testing around the world – Real world observations from 6 continents

cooper with cheetah.jpgWhat are the unique quality challenges faced around the world? I have recently been on a journey to uncover the answer to this question. I have spent the last year and half traveling the globe, learning and sharing how HP can help improve your software quality now and in the future. 


Keep reading to find out some of the similaries and differences of software testing in different regions around the globe.

5 things I learned at STARCanada 2014

p1.png.jpgI’ve just returned from the STARCanada conference at the Toronto Hilton.  I was there to attend the keynote and track presentations, and also to present a track session on cross-browser testing.  And although Agile is all the rage, I couldn’t come to Toronto and not visit one of the world’s most famous waterfalls!  Continue reading to find out what I learned while I was there.

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Announcing HP Unified Functional Testing version 12

UFT logo.jpgLast week we announced the release of the HP Apps 12 suite of tools. Unified Functional Tools is a key part of this suite.


Keep reading to find out how this end-to-end functional testing solution addresses functional automation needs.

UFT 12: Staying in step with Application Lifecycle Management 12- Part 2

UFT 12.pngUnified Functional Testing and Applications Lifecycle Management are as complementary as peanut butter and jelly or Laverne and Shirley. This software pair is back and is ready to revolutionize your environment.


This is the second part of my two-part series on the benefits of UFT.  Keep reading to learn more about improvements to the install process and why you can’t afford to wait to install it. 

4 tips to improve the performance of your HP UFT tests

p2.pngHP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and QuickTest Professional (QTP) have been integrated with HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Quality Center (QC) right from the beginning.  You can store your tests in ALM/QC, and when it’s time to run them, QTP/UFT downloads them from ALM.  There are a number of factors that affect the time that it takes to open and run these tests.


Continue reading to learn four tips that could help you significantly improve that time.


(This post was written by Amir Wigelman and Slavik Muravetskiy, from the UFT R&D Team, and Yossi Camjalli, from the Performance Center of Excellence Team)

UFT 12: Staying in step with Application Lifecycle Management 12

UFT 12.pngApplication Lifecycle Management (ALM)   & Unified Functional Testing (UFT) are about to turn 12!  Do you really want to wait until they turn into teenagers to experience what they can do for your environment?  The only thing better than learning what’s new with UFT 12, is seeing for yourself.  


Keep reading to find out what has been added to these applications. That is, If you think you can handle the truth.

Introducing HP Apps 12 and its implications for the Future of Testing

HP ALM Unified Automated Collaborative.pngToday marks the introduction of our comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and testing suite HP Apps 12.  HP Apps 12 caters to a spectrum of stakeholders and encompasses exciting new enhancements for a unified ALM experience. This new testing solution enables enterprises worldwide to deliver applications that power their businesses faster than ever before with first-rate quality and performance

A guide to Image-Based Testing with HP UFT’s “Insight”

p5.pngOne of the main competitive advantages of HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is its wide support for different technologies.  But even after supporting all of these technologies (and more), there are always technologies that that are too rare or complex to justify developing UFT support.


In order to bridge the gap, UFT 11.50 introduced Insight, which uses images in order to identify test objects, and is fully integrated into UFT. 


Continue reading to learn more about Insight’s capabilities, and how you can harness its power in your automated tests.


(This post was written by Motti Lanzkron from the UFT R&D Team)

Nimble use of HP UFT’s Insight feature…

UFT logo.jpgIf you have ever experienced failing object recognition by a testing tool, I want to introduce you to Insight. This is a new feature of HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5.


Keep reading to find out how it will help you in your testing environment and what sets it apart from existing tools.


Guest post by Rohit Vyas

HP Software Presales and Solutions Consultant.

India, APJ

Benchmark your QA and Test team on your iPad in minutes


Have you ever wondered how your QA and Testing team compares against other companies around the world?   We now have an easy way for you to benchmark your current position and set goals for the future. 


Keep reading to find out how to get the new myWQR2013 mobile app and get the results immediately.   



HP Unified Functional Testing Service Pack 11.53 is Released!

We are proud to announce that a new service pack has been released. This service pack is packed with new features, enhancements, bug fixes and support for new technology versions, another demonstration of our increased content delivery velocity since we moved to the iterative delivery practice.


As before, this service pack is accumulative, meaning that you can install this service pack to upgrade to 11.53 directly from UFT 11.50, 11.51, or 11.52.


Read inside if you would like to learn what does it include and how it can assist you.SP3.JPG

What’s new in the Cloud ? This time under the skyline of the Gaudi city

HP Discover Barcelona is coming up – have you booked your tickets yet?Barcelona.jpg

 SaaS, cloud, data driven apps and mobile will drive the growth of Software IT in 2014.  What does it mean to us??

Join our session at HP Discover to hear "What’s New and What’s ahead in HP’s Automation Suite" – add session BB 1929 to your schedule. We would love to see you ...

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Emerging Trends in Testing – conclusions from the 2013-2014 World Quality Report Web Event

wqr.jpgHow does your company stack up to the industry in software quality and testing? For instance, did you know that, despite the rapid rise in mobile testing (from 31 percent in 2012 to 55 percent in 2013--one year!!), close to half of respondents this year report that they still lack mobile testing experts?


Keep reading to find out how you can use the results of the report to propel your business forward.

Improving your software testing with better test case development

solutions_qualityassurance.jpgTest case development occurs in many different settings.  In fact, some of my favorite times to analyze a test case is while sharing a cup of coffee with a co-worker. We sit across from each other at a table and hash out the specifics of the test case on a pad of paper. 


There are other times where a more formal stance needs to be taken—it all just depends on the scenario. The most important thing is that test cases are honestly discussed and analyzed. Without guidance, your case may simply fall flat and fail to perform.


Continue reading to learn the four steps you should follow to improve your test cases.


Guest post by

Sarah Roderus, CTFL, CI, ASE

TCT Computing Group, Inc.

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