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Business innovation thrives with software innovation and quality matters now more than ever. Application teams are running to keep up with business demand by embracing the technologies and methodologies that will help them build faster with confidence to engage consumers, go mobile and release continuously. How does a modern testing team keep up? This blog will focus on the importance and role of the tester, the innovations in testing processes, test tools, test automation solutions and best practices and discuss how to balance speed with quality through Agile, mobile, web, composite and cloud application testing.

Test automation without writing a single line of code … really

Have you ever wondered why most companies never get past fifteen to twenty percent automation? It is an interesting question, isn’t it?


Register for this web event and learn about a test automation methodology that is helping many companies increase testing efficiency and reduce script creation and maintenance costs.



Accelerating your mobile application testing effort

A majority of mobile applications are being retrofitted to fit existing or legacy applications and systems. This adds a major layer of, complexity to testing—which hasn’t happened to software testing since the invention of personal computers. This Renaissance of technology has, for the most part, been ignored.  Over two-thirds of companies that have developed mobile device applications never moved beyond the unit testing phase of mobile applications. This leaves them vulnerable.


Continue reading to find out how you can accelerate your functional and mobile testing effort.


New HP UFT Best Practices Document: "Cross-Browser Functional Testing Best Practices"


A new HP Unified Functional Testing best practices document has just been published, called "Cross-Browser Functional Testing Best Practices".  It provides concepts and guidelines for designing and executing functional tests that involve different browsers, and some best practices for developing portable cross-browser tests using HP Unified Functional Testing.


Continue reading for more information about this document.

6 steps to write test cases using exploratory testing methods

hpdiscover13.pngAt HP Discover 2013 Las Vegas we compared the power of a Jedi’s light saber with manual testers using HP Sprinter. Both need to use the force to complete their task.


 Manual testers need to communicate detailed information to a developer or business user; they usually rely on some form of written communications in the form of a very detailed test case or defect. In my opinion, having to communicate information on this level is like having to disassemble and reassemble your blaster between every shot.


 Let’s take a look at this task and see if there is a better way to communicate between testers and developers. Follow me on this journey, won’t you?

Discover the future of software testing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas.jpgIf you are listening carefully you can hear the future of testing in Las Vegas at HP Discover this week. (Trust me, you can hear it beyond Las Vegas.)


Read on to find out how. 

HP Software Applications @HP Discover! Take the most advantage of Vegas!

We are just few days away from the HP Discover – the largest HP customer conference packed with nearly 700 sessions. After months of preparation we will bring the best of HP solutions and technology for you.   

You are our complete focus next week. Our goal is for you to learn, share and connect with our best and brightest—The HP product team, RnD, sales, partners and your peers. There’s a lot going on so a great place to start is by downloading the HP Discover Mobile app.


There are a lot of exciting things happening next week and I want to make sure you take your time to experience a little of everything! And, by-the-way, I can tell you – What happens in Vegas, will not stay in Vegas! We will continue to share the greatest solutions and customer success stories with you on-going.


So, to make it easier for you to navigate all the activity, here it is a glimpse of everything that will happen around HP Software Applications


Keep reading to learn about it!


5 Performance Testing Tips and Techniques

Do you ever skip performance testing or rush through it?  Performance testing is vital to the success of your software.


Here are 5 tips to make your performance testing easier—so you will never let it be an afterthought again.


Guest post by

Sarah Roderus, CTFL, CI, ASE

TCT Computing Group, Inc.

HP Unified Functional Testing Service Pack 11.52 is Released!

UFT sp2.png


We are proud to announce the availability of Unified Functional Testing 11.52 Service Pack ! 

Read inside if you would like to learn what does it include and how it can assist you.

How test automation can support agile and mobile testing - free webcast

We have provoked a discussion around the latest challenges in test automation and software development, challenges that are changing the way we develop and test software. The result is a twenty minutes panel that reviews the latest trends in the market and solutions. As part of the discussion, our Product and Engineering experts have reviewed the latest technological innovation that HP has to offer in this area.


You can join the conversation by watching this 20 min panel.


Answers to questions posted by attendies are avaliable at the end of the post.

2 ways to learn how leading companies are delivering quality applications at end-user speed


Have you always wondered how some large companies are able to deliver high quality software applications quickly?  If so, read on to find out how to learn best practices from leading companies including GE, T-Mobile, SunTrust, NetApp and Blue Shield... 

5 strategic steps to adapt functional testing to mobile apps

5 strategic steps mobile testing.pngMobile apps are coming at us at a fast and furious pace. Often times, this pace leaves testing in the dust.


Luckily HP has a great way to test mobile applications. With the power of Unified Functional Testing, you can now keep up. Keep reading to find out the five steps you should take to maximize the functional testing of your mobile apps.

Register for Mobile Web Event Series

Find out how to avoid mobile failure when developing, testing and securing mobile apps.

5 Minutes and 10 Seconds is all it takes

Looking for a Quality Hangout to make your day?  If so 5 minutes and 10 seconds is all it takes to learn about our favorite features in the new Quality Center Enterprise, version 11.5

2 myths that might be preventing you from upgrading to UFT 11.5

Some people have mentioned to me that they haven’t upgraded to UFT 11.5 yet.  They often say they don’t want to upgrade their HP Application Lifecycle Management installation, or that they don’t want to upgrade their existing QTP licenses.  But that’s fine - you don’t need to upgrade them to move to UFT 11.5!  Continue reading to find out more.

4 HP Quality Center 11.5 features that can help you be a quality rock star!

BJRZLCPCYAAQhuC.jpg large.jpgFind out how HP Quality Center 11.5 can help you be a Quality rock star by testing with more agility, mobility with better visibility to key metrics…


You can also experience the power of HP Quality Center 11.5 at the StarEast Testing Conference in Orlando. Keep reading to find out how to connect with us!

Join me in Seattle on April 23 and hear the Beat of Mobile

thCAA150Q1.jpgWant to know more about composite and mobile applications? Or, would you prefer to watch me act as a fish monger and throw fish around the Pike Place Market.


Well it is your lucky day! I will be in Seattle to talk about mobile at the Spring Seattle Vivit Chapter meeting. And afterwards I may or may not make my way to the fish market..

Register now for the R&D Expert Panel: Tips on accelerating test automation

lobb.jpgHear an HP R&D panel discussion on strategies for accelerating test automation. Get tips from the experts and learn more about HP Unified Functional Testing 11.5. Web Event on April 30th @ 10am PT/1pm ET/5pm GMT.  Click here to register now.


Continue reading to find out more about this event.

3 reasons commitment to quality may determine the future of your IT organization

CooperHeadcount.jpgIn my first contribution on the HP Future of Testing blog,  “10 keys to building a successful Quality Center of Excellence”, I briefly described 10 key elements to  empower a POSITIVE quality transformation. Today, let’s discuss the importance of commitment to Quality. 

Do you know what you are missing in the software testing realm?

I have been an automated software test engineer for years, and I thought I knew everything I needed to know in the industry.

But then I discovered an ISTQB Software Test Foundation Course and my professional life was changed forever.

Keep reading to find out about the impact of a single course can have on your life.


Guest post written by

Sarah Roderus,  Vice President, Consulting Services

TCT Computing Group, Inc.

Mobile Testing- Training at HP Discover

Are you trying to figure out how tame the mobile testing chaos?   You know you need to test on real devices… you know you need to automate… but are not sure where to start.


Good news.  At this year’s HP Discover in Las Vegas, we’re going to have a great half day mobile testing training focused on using UFT and UFT Mobile.    As you know, UFT Mobile enables automated testing on real devices, managed in your private cloud.   It’s simple, powerful and a great extension to HP Unified Functional Testing.


Here’s your chance to take control and learn how to solve the problem once and for all.  In this session, you will have a chance to learn from a top notch mobile testing expert from Perfecto Mobile, who will walk you through how to solve for the mobile challenges.


When: Tuesday, June 11  at HP Discover in Las Vegas, you can attend a half day training session titled “Mobile Functional Testing with UFT Moble”.   The session will be hands on and will give you a chance to learn about how UFT and UFT Mobile, give you complete control over your mobile testing obstacles.  --> Automate, Acclerate and Deliver Quality mobile apps.


The cost per training course is only $99.. This is a $400 savings off the normal fee.  This Vivit Advanced Training course can be added to your new or existing HP Discover conference registration account. 

Questions? Unable to attend HP Discover but would like to attend Vivit Advanced Training? Contact Laura Walker, Education Chair, Vivit Board of Directors.


 Register for HP Discover.png             OR            Add Training.png


If you happen to be interested in mobile development, then you should check out the apps for mobile blog and HP Anywhere,   If you are a developer, then do check out the HP Anywhere developer community – the Developer Zone and download our ide and start building your mobile apps now!

10 keys to building a successful Quality Center of Excellence

CooperHeadcount.jpgDo you have a Quality Center of Excellence or a Testing Center of Mediocrity using industry worst practices? Take this brief quiz to find out. Then read about 10 key elements to improve your QA and Testing organization. 


This week “Tip of the Week”: “Three approaches for mobile testing ”

Gal Tunik, senior product manager, discusses three approaches for mobile testing for the IT Enterprise.


About the speaker:

Gal Tunik is a Senior Product Manager for functional testing and mobile delivery solutions within the HP Software business unit. In this role, based on a strong knowledge of trends in the industry, Gal manages the functional testing product line, and set its strategy/direction. 

Gal is software professional with over 13 years of experience in product management, Management consulting, as well as software architecture and development.







These videos are part of the “Tip of the Week” program for “Automated Quality Validation” teams we launched a few weeks ago. Visit us on a weekly basis to watch more.


Watch the previous videos:

 Tip # 1:   "New World for Automation Engineers"

Tip # 2:   “Testing Maturity model

Tip # 3:  "Packaged Application Testing"



This week “Tip of the Week”: “Testing Packaged Applications”

Working with Oracle, Siebel, SAP ? having a hard time in testing these complex systems, system integration and tailored adjustments you’re team has added to the software?


Watch this part 2 video on "Packaged Application Testing" featured by Andrew Flick, a Senior Product Manager at HP Software that focuses on the latest solutions for testing Packaged Applications.


How much do you test your applications?

How long would it take for one tester to test JUST the front end of an application with 10 data entry screens, each with 10 fields that accept two data types? Remember, you also need to accomplish positive and negative testing. If one field will take up to ten characters, then you will need to test one, two, and then three all the way up to ten characters - for EACH field, on EACH screen. Also, there are the combinations between the fields. How long will it take?


Continue reading to find out how long it might take ... how much time do you have?


Written by

Sarah Roderus,

Vice President, Consulting Services

TCT Computing Group, Inc.

This week from "Tip of the Week" - "Testing Maturity model" part 1

How can you bake a good recipe for combining manual testing, automated testing, testing framework and accelerators?


Manual testing is still the most popular way of testing software, however organizations are constantly aiming to increase automation, today more than ever giving agile, continues integration and continues delivery being increasingly adopted by application teams.


Andrew Flick, Senior Product Manager at HP came up with a maturity model that explains the advantages and challenges of moving from one step to another through the testing maturity model. His model is explained through two parts. Today we are posting part 1: 


Andrew1.pngWatch this second video of the “Tip of the Week” program for Automated Quality Validation teams to learn more. 


Watch it now - click and scroll down:

"Tip of the Week" series for Automated Quality Validation Teams

“Tip of the week” video series for automated quality validation teams

The scope and complexities of software testing are increasing as new technologies and environments emerge, applications become more advanced, and users become smarter and impatient.  Including test automation as part of your strategy is a good solution for increasing quality and pace but you’re then faced with numerous considerations and challenges.


What are these challenges and how do we overcome them?


What does HP has to offer?


Testing faster with Unified Functional Testing

What does time mean to you? I know for me, time is everything. I need the days to be at least 36 hours to accomplish everything I have to get done.  Luckily, HP has a new testing solution to help me maximize my time.


This video will share with you my secret for multiplying time. (And no, I am not a magician held by some code. I am happy to share my secrets)

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