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Business innovation thrives with software innovation and quality matters now more than ever. Application teams are running to keep up with business demand by embracing the technologies and methodologies that will help them build faster with confidence to engage consumers, go mobile and release continuously. How does a modern testing team keep up? This blog will focus on the importance and role of the tester, the innovations in testing processes, test tools, test automation solutions and best practices and discuss how to balance speed with quality through Agile, mobile, web, composite and cloud application testing.

Announcing HP Unified Functional Testing version 12

UFT logo.jpgLast week we announced the release of the HP Apps 12 suite of tools. Unified Functional Tools is a key part of this suite.


Keep reading to find out how this end-to-end functional testing solution addresses functional automation needs.

UFT 12: Staying in step with Application Lifecycle Management 12- Part 2

UFT 12.pngUnified Functional Testing and Applications Lifecycle Management are as complementary as peanut butter and jelly or Laverne and Shirley. This software pair is back and is ready to revolutionize your environment.


This is the second part of my two-part series on the benefits of UFT.  Keep reading to learn more about improvements to the install process and why you can’t afford to wait to install it. 

4 tips to improve the performance of your HP UFT tests

p2.pngHP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and QuickTest Professional (QTP) have been integrated with HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Quality Center (QC) right from the beginning.  You can store your tests in ALM/QC, and when it’s time to run them, QTP/UFT downloads them from ALM.  There are a number of factors that affect the time that it takes to open and run these tests.


Continue reading to learn four tips that could help you significantly improve that time.


(This post was written by Amir Wigelman and Slavik Muravetskiy, from the UFT R&D Team, and Yossi Camjalli, from the Performance Center of Excellence Team)

UFT 12: Staying in step with Application Lifecycle Management 12

UFT 12.pngApplication Lifecycle Management (ALM)   & Unified Functional Testing (UFT) are about to turn 12!  Do you really want to wait until they turn into teenagers to experience what they can do for your environment?  The only thing better than learning what’s new with UFT 12, is seeing for yourself.  


Keep reading to find out what has been added to these applications. That is, If you think you can handle the truth.

Introducing HP Apps 12 and its implications for the Future of Testing

HP ALM Unified Automated Collaborative.pngToday marks the introduction of our comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and testing suite HP Apps 12.  HP Apps 12 caters to a spectrum of stakeholders and encompasses exciting new enhancements for a unified ALM experience. This new testing solution enables enterprises worldwide to deliver applications that power their businesses faster than ever before with first-rate quality and performance

A guide to Image-Based Testing with HP UFT’s “Insight”

p5.pngOne of the main competitive advantages of HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is its wide support for different technologies.  But even after supporting all of these technologies (and more), there are always technologies that that are too rare or complex to justify developing UFT support.


In order to bridge the gap, UFT 11.50 introduced Insight, which uses images in order to identify test objects, and is fully integrated into UFT. 


Continue reading to learn more about Insight’s capabilities, and how you can harness its power in your automated tests.


(This post was written by Motti Lanzkron from the UFT R&D Team)

Nimble use of HP UFT’s Insight feature…

UFT logo.jpgIf you have ever experienced failing object recognition by a testing tool, I want to introduce you to Insight. This is a new feature of HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5.


Keep reading to find out how it will help you in your testing environment and what sets it apart from existing tools.


Guest post by Rohit Vyas

HP Software Presales and Solutions Consultant.

India, APJ

Benchmark your QA and Test team on your iPad in minutes


Have you ever wondered how your QA and Testing team compares against other companies around the world?   We now have an easy way for you to benchmark your current position and set goals for the future. 


Keep reading to find out how to get the new myWQR2013 mobile app and get the results immediately.   



HP Unified Functional Testing Service Pack 11.53 is Released!

We are proud to announce that a new service pack has been released. This service pack is packed with new features, enhancements, bug fixes and support for new technology versions, another demonstration of our increased content delivery velocity since we moved to the iterative delivery practice.


As before, this service pack is accumulative, meaning that you can install this service pack to upgrade to 11.53 directly from UFT 11.50, 11.51, or 11.52.


Read inside if you would like to learn what does it include and how it can assist you.SP3.JPG

What’s new in the Cloud ? This time under the skyline of the Gaudi city

HP Discover Barcelona is coming up – have you booked your tickets yet?Barcelona.jpg

 SaaS, cloud, data driven apps and mobile will drive the growth of Software IT in 2014.  What does it mean to us??

Join our session at HP Discover to hear "What’s New and What’s ahead in HP’s Automation Suite" – add session BB 1929 to your schedule. We would love to see you ...

Labels: Cloud| mobile| SaaS

Emerging Trends in Testing – conclusions from the 2013-2014 World Quality Report Web Event

wqr.jpgHow does your company stack up to the industry in software quality and testing? For instance, did you know that, despite the rapid rise in mobile testing (from 31 percent in 2012 to 55 percent in 2013--one year!!), close to half of respondents this year report that they still lack mobile testing experts?


Keep reading to find out how you can use the results of the report to propel your business forward.

Improving your software testing with better test case development

solutions_qualityassurance.jpgTest case development occurs in many different settings.  In fact, some of my favorite times to analyze a test case is while sharing a cup of coffee with a co-worker. We sit across from each other at a table and hash out the specifics of the test case on a pad of paper. 


There are other times where a more formal stance needs to be taken—it all just depends on the scenario. The most important thing is that test cases are honestly discussed and analyzed. Without guidance, your case may simply fall flat and fail to perform.


Continue reading to learn the four steps you should follow to improve your test cases.


Guest post by

Sarah Roderus, CTFL, CI, ASE

TCT Computing Group, Inc.

Using SAP structured parameters in HP Unified Functional Testing 11.52

p11.pngHP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.52’s integration with SAP Solution Manager enables you to use complex hierarchical SAP parameters in your tests.  You can access the individual elements in the SAP parameter as if it is an object, making the writing and maintenance of the test a snap. 


Continue reading to learn more about this integration, and how you can use SAP parameters in your UFT tests.


This post was written by Yan Yang (Ellie), from the HP UFT R&D team.

Regular Expressions in UFT

p3.pngRegular expressions (‘regex') are a common feature in many programming languages and utilities.  In HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), you can use regular expressions in the descriptions used for object identification, but there are a couple of small twists to keep in mind.  


Continue reading to learn about regular expressions in UFT, and how to use them correctly to identify objects in your tests.


This post was written by Motti Lanzkron, from the HP UFT R&D team.

5 types of regression software testing to try today

When you think of regression testing, what comes to mind? Do you imagine spending hours sitting in a dark room with your head buried in code? Or, instead do you allow the power of automation to make your job easier?


Continue reading to find out five different, and effective, types of regression testing that you can implement in your testing suite today.


Guest post by

Sarah Roderus, CTFL, CI, ASE

TCT Computing Group, Inc.

Understanding the web test object model in HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

The meaning of the following script line should be obvious to anyone using HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT):




It says “Click link "L" on page "P" of the browser "B"


Continue reading to find out why UFT’s designers decided to represent browsers and browser objects in this way.


This post was written by Motti Lanzkron, from the HP UFT R&D team.


Doc is getting to explore the Federal Reserve

FRBFront.jpgDocs is going to  systematically Exploring @  Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas with the DFW ALM user group  please join us on Tuesday, August 13 2013   4:30 - 7:00 pm

Test automation without writing a single line of code … really

Have you ever wondered why most companies never get past fifteen to twenty percent automation? It is an interesting question, isn’t it?


Register for this web event and learn about a test automation methodology that is helping many companies increase testing efficiency and reduce script creation and maintenance costs.



Accelerating your mobile application testing effort

A majority of mobile applications are being retrofitted to fit existing or legacy applications and systems. This adds a major layer of, complexity to testing—which hasn’t happened to software testing since the invention of personal computers. This Renaissance of technology has, for the most part, been ignored.  Over two-thirds of companies that have developed mobile device applications never moved beyond the unit testing phase of mobile applications. This leaves them vulnerable.


Continue reading to find out how you can accelerate your functional and mobile testing effort.


New HP UFT Best Practices Document: "Cross-Browser Functional Testing Best Practices"


A new HP Unified Functional Testing best practices document has just been published, called "Cross-Browser Functional Testing Best Practices".  It provides concepts and guidelines for designing and executing functional tests that involve different browsers, and some best practices for developing portable cross-browser tests using HP Unified Functional Testing.


Continue reading for more information about this document.

6 steps to write test cases using exploratory testing methods

hpdiscover13.pngAt HP Discover 2013 Las Vegas we compared the power of a Jedi’s light saber with manual testers using HP Sprinter. Both need to use the force to complete their task.


 Manual testers need to communicate detailed information to a developer or business user; they usually rely on some form of written communications in the form of a very detailed test case or defect. In my opinion, having to communicate information on this level is like having to disassemble and reassemble your blaster between every shot.


 Let’s take a look at this task and see if there is a better way to communicate between testers and developers. Follow me on this journey, won’t you?

Discover the future of software testing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas.jpgIf you are listening carefully you can hear the future of testing in Las Vegas at HP Discover this week. (Trust me, you can hear it beyond Las Vegas.)


Read on to find out how. 

HP Software Applications @HP Discover! Take the most advantage of Vegas!

We are just few days away from the HP Discover – the largest HP customer conference packed with nearly 700 sessions. After months of preparation we will bring the best of HP solutions and technology for you.   

You are our complete focus next week. Our goal is for you to learn, share and connect with our best and brightest—The HP product team, RnD, sales, partners and your peers. There’s a lot going on so a great place to start is by downloading the HP Discover Mobile app.


There are a lot of exciting things happening next week and I want to make sure you take your time to experience a little of everything! And, by-the-way, I can tell you – What happens in Vegas, will not stay in Vegas! We will continue to share the greatest solutions and customer success stories with you on-going.


So, to make it easier for you to navigate all the activity, here it is a glimpse of everything that will happen around HP Software Applications


Keep reading to learn about it!


5 Performance Testing Tips and Techniques

Do you ever skip performance testing or rush through it?  Performance testing is vital to the success of your software.


Here are 5 tips to make your performance testing easier—so you will never let it be an afterthought again.


Guest post by

Sarah Roderus, CTFL, CI, ASE

TCT Computing Group, Inc.

HP Unified Functional Testing Service Pack 11.52 is Released!

UFT sp2.png


We are proud to announce the availability of Unified Functional Testing 11.52 Service Pack ! 

Read inside if you would like to learn what does it include and how it can assist you.

How test automation can support agile and mobile testing - free webcast

We have provoked a discussion around the latest challenges in test automation and software development, challenges that are changing the way we develop and test software. The result is a twenty minutes panel that reviews the latest trends in the market and solutions. As part of the discussion, our Product and Engineering experts have reviewed the latest technological innovation that HP has to offer in this area.


You can join the conversation by watching this 20 min panel.


Answers to questions posted by attendies are avaliable at the end of the post.

2 ways to learn how leading companies are delivering quality applications at end-user speed


Have you always wondered how some large companies are able to deliver high quality software applications quickly?  If so, read on to find out how to learn best practices from leading companies including GE, T-Mobile, SunTrust, NetApp and Blue Shield... 

5 strategic steps to adapt functional testing to mobile apps

5 strategic steps mobile testing.pngMobile apps are coming at us at a fast and furious pace. Often times, this pace leaves testing in the dust.


Luckily HP has a great way to test mobile applications. With the power of Unified Functional Testing, you can now keep up. Keep reading to find out the five steps you should take to maximize the functional testing of your mobile apps.

Register for Mobile Web Event Series

Find out how to avoid mobile failure when developing, testing and securing mobile apps.

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