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Business innovation thrives with software innovation and quality matters now more than ever. Application teams are running to keep up with business demand by embracing the technologies and methodologies that will help them build faster with confidence to engage consumers, go mobile and release continuously. How does a modern testing team keep up? This blog will focus on the importance and role of the tester, the innovations in testing processes, test tools, test automation solutions and best practices and discuss how to balance speed with quality through Agile, mobile, web, composite and cloud application testing.

Turn around, don’t drown—Quality is key for today’s software

Turn around.PNGHP Discover is now fully underway. I have spent the past two days speaking with customers and partners about software trends and the industry as a whole.


Keep reading to find out what role software quality plays in the future.


Guest post by  Kim Yeo,  product marketing manager, HP Service Virtualization

What does HP Service Virtualization have to do with Mother’s Day?

Kimm Yeo.jpgI am excited to introduce the newest member of the HP Application Lifecycle Development Management team, Kimm Yeo, new product marketing manager of HP Service Virtualization. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we chatted about her work with HP SV and how it resembles her other role as a mom.


Keep reading to get her tips to improving software testing and time management.


Post by Kim Lock,  Blog editorial team

Are you passionate about mobile apps? Don’t miss your opportunity to attend HP Discover 2015!

If you are passionate about mobile applications, then you won’t want to miss HP Discover in Las Vegas, June 2-4. This is your opportunity to get the latest in the mobile application lifecycle.


Keep reading to find out what all will be on-display during the three-day conference. To help you plead your case to attend, I have created a pre-written note that you can hand in to get permission to come.

Drowning in a sea of data - What do metrics mean to you?

Knowledge-work is critical to our world today, but it's quirky—especially as business becomes more reliant on software to drive new revenue and efficiencies. Most of this software creates copious amounts of data, though for some reason it's harder to estimate effort (for most companies) than ever before.


Keep reading to find out some of the challenges associated with this amount of data and how your team can handle it.

Tags: Agile| data| scrum

Your SAP is not an island—Remove your constraints with Service Virtualization

SAP Sapphire.PNGWhen I speak with developers and testers I often hear them complain about what they can’t do. Rarely do I hear them rave about what they can accomplish.


Keep reading to find out how you can get a demo of how HP Service Virtualization can help.


Guest post by Dave Flynn, Solutions Architect – Service Virtualization Evangelist

6 reasons HP Discover is going to be HOT this year

Las Vegas skyline.PNGHave you heard the news? The HP team will be at HP Discover and we will be showcasing the latest from our ALM 12.2 release that we launched in late March.


This is your opportunity to get your hands dirty and experience what this software has to offer! Keep reading to find out what I am most excited about for this year’s event and how you can connect with me in Las Vegas.

How does HP Service Virtualization play a key role for you in the mobile app economy?

Service Virtualization.jpgWith HP Service Virtualization, Development, Testing and Operations (break/fix) teams do not have to be delayed or develop untested releases because they do not have access to production systems.


Keep reading to find out how HP Service Virtualization enables you to simulate a service or system component behavior from a production environment in all of your pre-production environments.

HP Unveils Software Innovations to Help Businesses Win in the Mobile App Economy

Network Virtualization.jpg

Lifecycle Virtualization is key for the Agile delivery of mobile applications, so delays are minimized and quality delivered. This is why we announced new software releases designed to help organizations deliver mobile applications that delight customers and score five-star ratings today.


Keep reading to find out how these innovations can enable you to accelerate the delivery of every phase of the mobile app lifecycle.

5 keys to testing across the software lifecycle

software testing.pngTesting professionals have evolved from simply being a step in the process to being customer-centric and change driven. Increasingly, testers identify risks associated with each software release—a vital role for successful software.


Keep reading to get the five factors that are driving innovation in the testing market.

What to consider when making a decision about load, functional and other testing in production

pic1.jpgThe cost of testing performed by a QA team is a combination of the investment in QA and/or staging environment where you do the testing, and the effort of the testing itself. You can reduce these costs by choosing to test directly on your production system. But why stop there? Why not simply push to production when the software is ready? Why bother testing? You can save more money by eliminating testing altogether!


Some companies actually do that - they let the real users do the testing for them, on production. With the money they save they can hire more developers and release more features in less time. So why not?


Continue reading to learn about some of the considerations of testing in production - Not the tools, not automation vs. manual – rather the methodology of testing, and how to do it right for your own project.


(This post was written by Benny Friedman (Senior Director of R&D, Performance and Lifecycle Virtualization Solutions)

Top 10 Healthcare QA and Testing Trends for 2015

Cooper.jpgMany testing professionals in healthcare are focusing on the looming ICD-10 deadline, but QA teams at provider, payor and pharma organizations have other major priorities to plan for during 2015 as well.


Keep reading to find out what these Top 10 priorities are and to find out if your priorities line up.


Guest post by Michael Cooper

Chief Quality Officer and VP of Enterprise QA and Testing Services

Healthcare IT Leaders and Run Consultants



Verigreen – Your Gateway to Quality Builds and keeping the release branch as green as possible

GitProvider.PNGOne of the main challenges of any build system is returning fast feedback and retaining the integrity of the release branch.

There are issues surrounding running as many tests as possible and retaining fast feedback. This is why we have designed the concept of “Gated Check-in” system.


Keep reading to learn more about our development process and how our Gated Check-in system Verigreen, can help you.


Guest post by Eitan Schichmanter – DevOps Architect and Leader, Engineering Excellence Group – HP Software

6 Keys to QA and Testing career growth

Cooper.jpgThe QA field has expanded quickly over my career and it has been fascinating to watch these changes happen.

I have also learned a lot along this journey and I invite you to learn from the experience of someone who has journeyed before you. Keep reading to find out what I have learned and how you can apply it to your career.


Guest post by Michael Cooper

Chief Quality Officer and VP of Enterprise QA and Testing Services

Healthcare IT Leaders and Run Consultants

The growing influence of QA and test professionals: 6 lessons from StarWest

Starwest.pngI have just returned from an exciting week at StarWest in California. I have taken the past few weeks to process everything that was discussed and I have broken it down into six key ideas.


Keep reading to find out what these six key ideas are and how you can begin to focus on them today.


Guest post by Michael Cooper

Chief Quality Officer and VP of Enterprise QA and Testing Services

Healthcare IT Leaders and Run Consultants

HP Network Virtualization, As Easy as 1- 2- 3: HP NV + LoadRunner or Performance Center Demo

NV gears.jpgToday I want to show you a video that brings you step-by-step mobile performance testing with HP Network Virtualization and HP LoadRunner or HP Performance Center.


Continue reading to see how HP NV’s capabilities are leveraged by customers and how to perform a mobile performance test representing 3G WiFi and 4G conditions from multiple cities, carriers, and networks using LoadRunner with Network Virtualization.

Results from HP and Vivit Worldwide Experts: Part 3 of 3, Focus on Agile / DevOps

Deliver Amazing Apps thru Agile / DevOps with Confidence Now! Focus on Agile / DevOps Webinar 


This thought leadership webinar focuses on Agile / DevOps: Trends; Themes; and Future, all from Experts and your peers in the Vivit Woldwide Community.


We have accelerated past ‘normal’ in the business world: a customer-focused and real-time feedback culture where expectations are higher and impacts faster. We must ‘Deliver Amazing Apps with Confidence Now’. As Developers, Testers, and Operations team members; you need the latest capabilities and proven practices to most effectively deliver these results.


Join us to grab ahold of HP’s latest capabilities and practices to deliver Agile / DevOps:

  • How to define what Agile / DevOps is for your organization;
  • How to leverage these capabilities and practices within and throughout DevTestOps;
  • How to accelerate delivery with highest customer value feature / function with the highest possible quality;
  • How to use ‘Lifecycle Virtualization’ to eliminate dependencies on hardware, software, and services;
  • How to automate testing (functional, performance, security, user experience) throughout the lifecycle;
  • How to use Connected Intelligence to support the Cultural Delta with Agile / DevOps practices and culture.

Results from HP and Vivit Worldwide Experts: Part 2 of 3, Focus on Performance

Deliver Amazing Apps with Confidence Now!  Focus on Performance Webinar 


This thought leadership webinar focuses on performance: Trends; Themes; and Future, all from Experts and your peers in the Vivit Woldwide Community.


In a time when response time SLA’s are 3 seconds for mobile and 5 seconds for web, Performance is no longer an option. Business decisions are made in seconds, and the technology enabling these must perform with stability and security, yet support the customers with exceptional performance. We must ‘Deliver Amazing Apps with Confidence Now’. As Developers, Testers, and Operations team members; you need the latest capabilities and proven practices to most effectively deliver these results.


Join us to grab ahold of HP’s latest capabilities and practices to deliver Performance:

  • How to build-in performance;
  • How to create accurate and available test environments representative of production quickly;
  • How to mitigate the risk of the network and other distributed systems and services;
  • How to test earlier and throughout the development and testing lifecycle;
  • How to use ‘Lifecycle Virtualization’ to eliminate dependencies on hardware, software, and services;
  • How to spot common performance bottlenecks and what to do to overcome them.

HP SV+NV= results! See how TTNet found success with HP Service Virtualization

TTNEt video.PNGResults are what, Make It Matter! There has been a lot of buzz about the integrated capabilities of HP Network VIrtualization and HP Service Virtualization. Watch Hasan Yukselten (Software test and release management manager) at TTNet (Largest telecomm in Turkey with more than six million customers) share the results he delivered with HP Service Virtualization.

HP Network Virtualization, As Easy as 1- 2- 3: HP Network Virtualization for Mobile Demo

NV demo video.PNGJoin me as we continue with the “HP Network Virtualization, As Easy as 1-2-3” blog series. Let’s enter our virtual workshop and get all the information you need on all-things HP NV.


Keep reading to join us on our journey as we learn more about HP NV for mobile.

Connecting the IT community - Interop New York City

Interop.png2014 has been such a big year in IT. It has brought about significant transformations in big data, mobility and cloud virtualization.


Keep reading to find out how you can prepare for 2015 by reflecting on the changes that have occurred in 2014.

HP Network Virtualization, As Easy as 1- 2- 3: Demo of how HP Network Virtualization works

Idemo NV video.PNG have found that having a step-by-step walkthrough demonstration of a new product is the most effective way to learn about it. This is especially true when running a load and performance testing scenario. Within these scenarios, you are able to add any network conditions, as well as add the client location and the server location, and watch the test execute at actual run time.


Keep reading to watch the demo for yourself and find out what it can do for you.

HP Network Virtualization, as easy as 1- 2- 3: How HP NV works with HP LR, HP PC and HP SV

lifecycle virtualization table.pngHave you ever wondered how to make the most out of your HP Network Virtualization? This virtualization software allows you to discover and capture network conditions and emulate production environments using real-world network conditions to deliver accurate and repeatable results.


Keep reading to find out how Network Virtualization can be used with HP LoadRunner, HP Performance Center and HP Service Virtualization.

A closer look at HP Sprinter

magnifying glass.pngAutomation is key to the future of IT, but when it comes to software development, over 70 percent of testing is still done manually.


Manual testing gives teams the ability to implement exploratory testing, a practice of simultaneous test design and execution. Keep reading to find out what needs HP Sprinter was developed to help.

HP Network Virtualization, as easy as 1- 2- 3: key features

When to use network virtualization.pngNow that you know the benefits of HP Network Virtualization, it is time to take an in-depth look at what network virtualization is and how it benefits you.


Keep reading to find out more about Network Virtualization and how it all fits within your Lifecycle Virtualization.

HP Network Virtualization, as easy as 1- 2- 3: value proposition

network virtualization.jpgNetwork Virtualization and Lifecycle Virtualization in general is gaining ground in the field of applications. This is the perfect opportunity to help you become better prepared for the future.


Keep reading to get an overview of HP Network Virtualization and its specifics.

HP Network Virtualization…. As Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

123 blocks.jpgDo you know all of the capabilities of HP Network Virtualization? This software provides users with the unique ability to get accurate and repeatable results from their tests by including network conditions.


Keep reading to find out how easy it really is!

Benchmark your QA and Test team on your iPad in minutes


Have you ever wondered how your QA and Testing team compares against other companies around the world?   We now have an easy way for you to benchmark your current position and set goals for the future. 


Keep reading to find out how to get the new myWQR2013 mobile app and get the results immediately.   



Improving your software testing with better test case development

solutions_qualityassurance.jpgTest case development occurs in many different settings.  In fact, some of my favorite times to analyze a test case is while sharing a cup of coffee with a co-worker. We sit across from each other at a table and hash out the specifics of the test case on a pad of paper. 


There are other times where a more formal stance needs to be taken—it all just depends on the scenario. The most important thing is that test cases are honestly discussed and analyzed. Without guidance, your case may simply fall flat and fail to perform.


Continue reading to learn the four steps you should follow to improve your test cases.


Guest post by

Sarah Roderus, CTFL, CI, ASE

TCT Computing Group, Inc.

Discover the future of software testing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas.jpgIf you are listening carefully you can hear the future of testing in Las Vegas at HP Discover this week. (Trust me, you can hear it beyond Las Vegas.)


Read on to find out how. 

4 HP Quality Center 11.5 features that can help you be a quality rock star!

BJRZLCPCYAAQhuC.jpg large.jpgFind out how HP Quality Center 11.5 can help you be a Quality rock star by testing with more agility, mobility with better visibility to key metrics…


You can also experience the power of HP Quality Center 11.5 at the StarEast Testing Conference in Orlando. Keep reading to find out how to connect with us!

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