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Business innovation thrives with software innovation and quality matters now more than ever. Application teams are running to keep up with business demand by embracing the technologies and methodologies that will help them build faster with confidence to engage consumers, go mobile and release continuously. How does a modern testing team keep up? This blog will focus on the importance and role of the tester, the innovations in testing processes, test tools, test automation solutions and best practices and discuss how to balance speed with quality through Agile, mobile, web, composite and cloud application testing.

New Service Pack for UFT 12 has been just released

Happy Holidays and happy New Year to our UFT users around the world, we would like to take advantage of this festive atmosphere and announce the release of our latest service pack: UFT 12.02.

Read inside what it contains and why we believe this is the riches service pack we ever released!

Mobile App: Into the mindset of a manual tester engineer (part 3)

be curious.jpgAs organizations start committing to continuous innovation, manual testers must find ways to remain in sync with (very often agile) development teams to ensure predictability and increased velocity.


Keep reading to find out how you can keep pace with these teams.

Mobile App: Into the mindset of a manual tester engineer (part 2)

manual testing.pngAs great manual testers, our mindset should mimic that of the end user to ensure we thoroughly find all the defects that automated tests may have swept over.  (This is the best way to make sure all the bases are covered.


Keep reading to explore the different set of use cases we as manual testers may encounter and dive into the role of manual testing of mobile apps.

Mobile App: Into the mindset of a manual tester engineer (part 1)

goot.pngManual testing is very prevalent in mobile testing. Let's get into the mindset of a manual tester, and explore how mobile apps impact his/her role. This is part 1 of a 3-part blog series.

Ready, Set, Mobilize! At Super Mobility Week MobileCon 2014!

mobile con.jpgWe have a mission for you! If you are attending the 2014 MobileCon event, not only will you participate in the largest mobile event in North America, but you will also have an opportunity to participate in this special mission.

How much do you test your applications?

How long would it take for one tester to test JUST the front end of an application with 10 data entry screens, each with 10 fields that accept two data types? Remember, you also need to accomplish positive and negative testing. If one field will take up to ten characters, then you will need to test one, two, and then three all the way up to ten characters - for EACH field, on EACH screen. Also, there are the combinations between the fields. How long will it take?


Continue reading to find out how long it might take ... how much time do you have?


Written by

Sarah Roderus,

Vice President, Consulting Services

TCT Computing Group, Inc.

My dream functionality is now a reality with HP UFT 11.5

Tuft2.pngesters can embrace new technology and scoff at automation testing tools that still rely on object identification, events and property. Image-state technology isn’t a new concept. But in the past, it’s been very unstable, unreliable and most of all, unmanageable. That why I’ve renamed this feature of Unified Functional Testing (UFT) “Image-based Intelligence”.

Wait, How Much?

When you're testing, how much attention do you pay to the system's response?  Is it enough to check that the response is correct?  I recently came across an interesting story which illustrates the importance of checking that the response is not only correct, but that it also makes sense.

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