UFT 11.50 is Ready to Download!

The wait is over!  Just in time for the holidays, HP UFT 11.50 is ready for downloading.  Here’s how:UFT as a Present

  • Visit the download site here.  
  • Fill out the form, and start your download, which is in the form of an ISO file.
  • While it’s downloading, check out the introductory movie.
  • ISO files are actually DVD images, so you’ll need to either burn the image to a DVD, or use a file archiver such as WinZip or WinRAR to open it and extract it to a temporary location on your hard drive.
  • Install it
  • Use it!



Here are some facts about UFT 11.50 that were collected by Benny Friedman, UFT R&D manager:UFTScreenshot.png

  • It was developed by more than 100 developers and QA engineers, spread over 5 different countries, over the course of 2 years
  • Development was iterative, and there were 34 iterations in total
  • Over 1000 requirements were implemented
  • More than 10,000 defects were fixed
  • During the course of development, we continued to support existing products, to the tune of over 200 patches and minor releases



And here are some facts about the movie:MovieCover.png

  • All of the actors were Functional Architects of UFT 11.50, each one responsible for a different aspect of the final product:
    • Yours Truly plays the part of “Bob” (pictured, right)
    • Avivi Siman-Tov plays the part of ‘The Boss”
    • Iris Sasson reminds Bob about Insight.
  • The filming was done over the course of a day, in the Israel offices of HP Software
  • I hate being told to do things while I’m in the middle of doing them in real life as well
  • Getting these darts to both hit the dartboard and actually stick in it is harder than you might think


Check out the webinar, “What’s New in HP’s Automated Testing Suite” to learn more.  The slides and other assets are available as attachments and links in Ronit’s post, “UFT 11.5 What's New Webinar - thanks for joining!”. 


Michael Deady has also posted some excellent articles about UFT 11.50 on this blog, which you should also read