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9 Reasons Why BPT is a Great Testing Framework

Is HP Business Process Testing (BPT) a great framework for testing? I think so. Here are 9 reasons why, in no particular order:


1) You can build and run tests quickly and easily

BPT speeds up test creation, maintenance and execution through reuse of components. 


2) You don’t have to be an automation expert to use BPT

Manual testers, automation engineers, and subject matter experts can all use BPT effectively. 


3) People in different testing roles can all work together

BPT helps you document your components and tests, including screenshots, how they should be used, etc. This makes it easy for people with different roles and skillsets to share each other’s assets.


4) You can run the same test automatically and manually

You’re free to choose how to run your tests. And if you want to automate your existing manual tests, you can continue to run them manually until you’ve completed the automation.


5) You don’t need to build your own framework

Creating a framework is expensive and time consuming. You avoid all of that with BPT, which gives you everything you need out of the box, and is fully customizable so that you can tailor it to the way you and your organization work.


6) You can easily create and update tests for SAP, Oracle, and other so-called ‘packaged applications’

You can use pre-configured test assets such as those offered by TurnKey to save time and effort in testing leading ERP and CRM applications. 


7) Testing can start early

Keywords and components can be defined before the application has been delivered for testing, so you can design tests earlier in the software development lifecycle.


8) You’re encouraged to plan your testing activities in advance

BPT helps you think about what you’re going to test, how you’re going to test it, and the components and other assets you’ll need.


9) BPT is fully integrated with HP’s test management and testing tools

BPT is tightly integrated with lots of HP tools – for example, Application Lifecycle Management, QuickTest, Service Test, Sprinter, etc., so you don’t need to learn a whole new set of tools.


What do you think makes BPT a great testing framework? Let me know in the comments area below.

Honored Contributor | ‎10-26-2012 07:08 AM

Points 7 & 8 are the biggest. Allowing QA from the business perspective to begin upfront will help reduce the risk both from a testing and process perspective. BPT should then when properly used and implemented create efficiencies and allow issues to be found and addressed before they are introduced within the life cycle.




Best regards,


John Scarpino, D.Sc.



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