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Ultrium 1840 Failing.

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According to the LTO Drive Assessment Test my tape drive is drive is no longer recommended for use.


It is out of warranty. What are my options for getting it repaired? How do I go about this? Full log below.


|__ Test 'LTO Drive Assessment test' started on device 'HP Ultrium 4-SCSI' at address '2/0.3.0'

    |__ This test will overwrite all the data on this tape. Would you like to continue the test?

    |__ Failed

    |__ Operations Log

    |    |__ executing LTO Drive Assessment Test...

    |    |__ checking tape load ...

    |    |__ analyzing device data...

    |    |__ updating device writeback data...

    |    |__

    |    |__ erasing ...

    |    |__ soft unload ...

    |    |__ loading ...

    |    |__ erasing ...

    |    |__ Test failed

    |__ Analysis Results

        |__ LTO Drive Assessment Test, version V25.10.2009

        |__ Test run: Wed Apr 10 08:26:58 2013

        |__ Drive serial number: HU18252CT1

        |__ Data Cartridge Information:

        |__     Vendor: IMATION

        |__     Format: LTO-4

        |__     Serial Number: 0E18924950

        |__     Barcode:

        |__ ANALYSIS OF HISTORICAL INFORMATION (from drive logs):

        |__ version: V15.10.2009

        |__ Firmware rev B56D is up-to-date for Ultrium 4-SCSI as of Tue Apr 7 19:00:00 2009.

        |__ There were 19 rules checked.

        |__ Device Analysis has checked the historical information and no problems were found.


        |__ [Please note: the operations performed by this overwrite test will NOT be

        |__ reflected in the Support Ticket usage/health information.]

        |__ Amount of data required’ test option : Default

        |__ The Short Erase operation failed to complete.

        |__ Byte2 0x3 SenseCode 0xc SenseQual 0x0 (Write error) ErrorCode 0x750e

        |__ The Short Erase operation failed to complete.

        |__ Byte2 0x3 SenseCode 0xc SenseQual 0x0 (Write error) ErrorCode 0x750e

        |__ The LTO Drive Assessment Test has checked the history and/or operation of the selected drive, and

        |__ problems have been reported.

        |__ The drive is no longer recommended for use.

        |__ Please contact hp support for further assistance.

        |__ Test time: 4:12



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Re: Ultrium 1840 Failing.

Hi Michael,

Where in the world are you?

If UK, I can give you the name of a third party company that my company uses who repair tape drives.
If not UK, then I cannot help I'm afraid.




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