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OMU9.1 - agent as SNMP forwarder

I have a problem with forwarding SNMP events to OMU.
OVO Agents are installed on Windows 2k8 Std x64 and x86. I have configured SNMP interceptor policy and deployed to agents. All processes are running ok. SNMP port (SNMP_TRAP_PORT) is 10162 but when agent starts this port is not opened. Opened port is snamptrap.exe standard port 162. SNMP_SESSION_MODE is set to NO_TRAPD. When I have configured the same on linux (RH 5 EL) all working good and port is opening. I think on windows it is not possible to run OVO Agent as SNMP reciever.

OMU version is 9.1
OVO agent on windows is 8.60.501
OVO agent on linux is 8.60.005

I have no idea how to set SNMP on windows.
Can somebody help me?

Thanks & regards
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Re: OMU9.1 - agent as SNMP forwarder

Pls check whether opctrapi demon is running on that machine. if that is enabled then check the SNMP services. that should be started for the trap forwarding pls mesion the destination ip address as your management server.

if u won't find the services only then you need to install SNMP from OS side using i386 dump.
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Re: OMU9.1 - agent as SNMP forwarder

Thanks for reply.

opctrapi is running. SNMP Service is installed. I have tested it with SNMP Service running and not running and also with snmptrapd service.
Bellow is output of few commands:

OPC_INSTALLATION_TIME=3/21/2011 2:34:05 PM
OPC_PERL_LIB_DIR=c:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\\nonOV\perl\a\lib

netstat -ano | find "162"
UDP *:* 10528
UDP [::]:162 *:* 10528

agtrep OV Discovery Agent AGENT,AgtRep (7232) Running
coda OV Performance Core COREXT (6888) Running
opcacta OVO Action Agent AGENT,EA (10492) Running
opcmona OVO Monitor Agent AGENT,EA (2524) Running
opcmsga OVO Message Agent AGENT,EA (7572) Running
opcmsgi OVO Message Interceptor AGENT,EA (9472) Running
opctrapi OVO SNMP Trap Interceptor AGENT,EA (6380) Running
ovbbccb OV Communication Broker CORE (4020) Running
ovcd OV Control CORE (10540) Running
ovconfd OV Config and Deploy COREXT (6328) Running

net start
SNMP Service

When I turn on trace in the trace file is nothing. Only that the tracing is starting for opctrapi.

Any ideas?

Thanks & regards
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