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system halt 7 on hp3000

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience of a system halt 7
alert level 12 = software failure

We are operating on a HP3000 - N class and have been experiencing machine shutdown with the following error altert, I am having trouble finding anything in the manuals

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Re: system halt 7 on hp3000

Hello Julie,

There should be some system abort number (ex: SA1457 from subsystem 107) prior to the system halt 7 message at the master console. If you have these errors messages, please provide; that would be crucial to find out the root cause of the system halt.

It is strongly recommended to take a memory dump for most if not all system hangs unless there is evidence of hardware failure. Then log a software support call to the HP Response Center to have the dump to be analyzed.
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Re: system halt 7 on hp3000


As Emile indicated, there should be a flashing message on the console indicating the complete halt message with system and subsystem info. HP and the response center REALLY do need that info. In my experience, best to put that into the memory dump file.

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Re: system halt 7 on hp3000

Thank yo for your response, the only message I have been told is the SYSTEM HALT 7, $07D2

is this sufficient otherwise I guess I have to wait until it happens again.

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Re: system halt 7 on hp3000


If it is system failure $7d2, that would
indicate a disk error during a
"fill_disc" operation.

Was a dump taken (either manually or
automatically)? A dump would help
pinpoint the problem.

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