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bdf show discrepancy of disk usage

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the output of bdf showed the following:
/dev/vg02/lvol1 4007201 3606487 0 100% /data

the disk was not reclaimed after i deleted a big file and sync. Any idea?




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Re: bdf show discrepancy of disk usage


Did you check if the file (fuser) was not in use before actually removing it.
If it is still in use by a process, the file is removed but the disk space is not being freed up.(this is standard unix behaviour)
The correct procedure is to either copy /dev/null onto the "file in use" or to stop the process(es) using the files and then removing the file.
You'll have to reboot the system now to get your disk space back.
There should'nt be any descrepancies between bdf and du -sk

Hope this helps.

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