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UPS connection

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Hi to all.
I have several servers running on HP-UX 11i system and other HP servers running on Windows 2003. I have for each four or five of them a UPS (of different trademarks Salicru, Synthesis,...) because they are in different locations.
My question is, if my UPS System is connected to the Windows 2003 Server, is there any way to tell my HP-UX Server to shutdown? I know there are programs, but we have to buy them (the money theme always). Is it possible to perform this task sending a mail to the HP-UX server or sending a signal via TCP/IP or another way?
And as important as this, how?
If this is not the easiest way, I can do it backwords, connecting my UPS System to the HP-UX Server and tell my Windows 2003 servers to shutdown, but always, how?
Thanks for all your help


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Re: UPS connection


If the UPS can, you could try to let it send a SNMP message. We use MGE and APC types. I know windows servers understand this. Our HP9000 systems are connected through a serial cable. About buying: How valuable is your data? Good luck. Rene.
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Re: UPS connection

Thanks Rene.
The information you gave is very helpfull for me. Before this, I will try to send a shutdown signal from a Windows XP Wrokstation to all my servers if there is a power failure.
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