Swapping 2 LSM drives with 2 new drives (291 Views)
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Swapping 2 LSM drives with 2 new drives

Hello, im not very good with LSM and in fact have already broken the LSM on multiple occassions trying to figure this out myself so I decided to ask for help. Right now I have 2 drives that are a part of the LSM disk0 and disk1. I would like to replace the disk0 and disk1 with new drives, which are disk2 and disk3 then I would like to rename disk2 to disk0 and disk4 to disk1 once the current disk0 and disk1 are physically removed. Can anyone help me with this please, below is the voldisk list output. Thank you!!


voldisk list
DEVICE       TYPE      DISK         GROUP        STATUS
dsk0a        nopriv    root01       rootdg       online
dsk0b        nopriv    swap01       rootdg       online
dsk0d        simple    dsk0d        rootdg       online
dsk0e        nopriv    var01        rootdg       online
dsk0f        nopriv    usr01        rootdg       online
dsk0g        simple    ccp_dsk0     ccpdg        online
dsk0h        simple    dm_dsk0h     dg_informix  online
dsk1a        nopriv    root02       rootdg       online
dsk1b        nopriv    swap02       rootdg       online
dsk1d        simple    dsk1d        rootdg       online
dsk1e        nopriv    dsk1e-AdvFS  rootdg       online
dsk1f        nopriv    dsk1f-AdvFS  rootdg       online
dsk1g        simple    ccp_dsk1     ccpdg        online
dsk1h        simple    dm_dsk1h     dg_informix  online

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