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Root Partition 100%

Hi Freinds,

Will anybody pls tell me that which log files can I remove when root partition is gone upto 100% ?

waiting for ur replies n thanx in advance..........

Lokesh Nagpal......
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Re: Root Partition 100%

There shouldn't be any log files to speak of in /. They should be in /var. The first thing I would look for are core files.

find / -xdev -type f - name 'core*'

Next, look in the /dev tree for any regular files. It is common for someone to accidently write to "tape" file such as /dev/rmt/Om (letter O) when they meant /dev/rmt/0m (zero).
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Re: Root Partition 100%

check this:


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Re: Root Partition 100%

Maybe you can try and run this command below, it list out all the files on vg00. Go through the files and you will be able to tell which one you can remove.

du -xka | sort -ur

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Re: Root Partition 100%

pls post dbf|grep vg00 here
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Re: Root Partition 100%


please also refer to this technical knowledge id

hope this help
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Re: Root Partition 100%

try to find uot the biggest file in / with this script ...

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Re: Root Partition 100%

You may want to first search for big file(say 10Mb) resides in root directory via:
# find / -xdev -size +20000

If any, do "ll" to check what it is.
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Re: Root Partition 100%

I will suggest to run fuser before removing, if some process is still writing or has the file open when you remove the file. The size of that file will remain used until the process close the file.

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