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Ajith Hegde
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ReflectionX problem

Hi to all,
Can any one suggest link to download ReflectionX? n How to configure reflectionX for HP-UX from my Windows Machine..?? I have downloaded reflectionX 9. Whenever i try to run tat, i asks for KeyAccess Software..??Actually What is the KeyAccess..??Why it needs..??
Can any 1 help me...??
Thanks in Advance..
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Pete Randall
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Re: ReflectionX problem

I assume that the KeyAccess is the license required to run this proprietary software. In other words, you give them money, they give you a key that makes the software work.


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Ron Irving
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Re: ReflectionX problem


You can download Reflections for Windows from the Attachmate website. This is only a trial version, good for 60 days. You will have to contact a software vendor for a licensed version. I just did this, and it's fairly painless.

Hope this helps.

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Re: ReflectionX problem

How about a solution for free?

Install a X server on your pc (e.g. XMing) and connect to your server via putty

putty -X

Hope this helps!


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Bill Hassell
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Re: ReflectionX problem

All Reflection programs are commercial products (they must be purchased, therefore a key is required). Do you want an Xwindow product or just a terminal emulator? Putty is a good emulator (much, much smaller than Xwindows) and QCTerm is the best (free) HP terminal emulator.
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Dennis Handly
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Re: ReflectionX problem

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Ajith also asked his question in a windows forum:

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