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Psuedo root

I have a strange question which i think i know answer to but thought i would see what other people do.
I have a psuedo root account on my dev box which i use to log in, Problem is that for audit/tracing purposes it doesn't show my username just uid as 0 which could be me or root itself.
is there a way of giving myself root priviledges but still maintaining a independant UID.
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Re: Psuedo root

Maybe you're asking for something like sudo?
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Re: Psuedo root

Hi Andy,

I agree. sudo is the proper tool for this job.
System tracks activity by UID & if two users share UID, the first user with it in the passwd file will be identified or even just the UID.
So get sudo, login as yourself & sudo important activities.
Or at least su - root before running root-level commands. This will log all activity properly as well as sudo.

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