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Need to Analyse the output of Crashinfo

Hi All,

I ran the Crashinfo command and i noticed some errors in the output.

I have enclosed the same.

Can anyone tell me what as went wrong in my server. OS - hp-ux 11.11 version.
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Re: Need to Analyse the output of Crashinfo

You ran the crashinfo on your running kernel and not against a saved core dump.

"Note: this crashinfo output appears to have been generated from a live system not a coredump !"

Your system also indicates that it has been up for just over 6 days.

"System has been up 6 days, 26 minutes."

So, what I would ask is first off what errors are you referring to?

Second, did your system crash? If so, you need to run crashinfo from the location of the saved core dump (typically /var/adm/crash//)

You could also copy to us the contents of /etc/shutdownlog.


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Re: Need to Analyse the output of Crashinfo

crashinfo doesnot comes with standard hp-ux operating system. And it is a hp-ux utility , can be available from hp response centers, and there is a scripts called that when provides by hp , on running the script on the system with the crash dumps available it generates report using the crashinfo (binary file), and from that report its easy to find out the cause of the carsh when HP recevies the output.

The question did your system crashed, and what does it shows in /etc/shutdownlog

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