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Easy question!

If I had to learn a programming language to work on HP-UX as a sys admin which one you would recommend.
Please take into consideration that I got not programming background whatsover.
Please note that my job is system administration, nothing related to programming, and for the time being I don´t deal with scripts.
Please take into account that I have to learn the thing on my own.
Please take into account that it has got to be something useful to a sys admin role because if not I will forget and what a waiste of time :-)


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Re: Easy question!

ksh, perl.
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Re: Easy question!

On HP-UX, the POSIX shell (/usr/bin/sh) is the default shell for everyone. Learn this shell, not just for writing scripts, but for every day administration. As a part of this you should get familiar with awk and sed and regular expressions.

PERL is also VERY VERY useful. It would also be a good idea.

There are plenty of books available for all of the above topics.

There are numerous sites on the Internet that can be a big help to you.
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Re: Easy question!

Hi Jaime:

Get grounded in the shell first. HP-UX uses the so-called Posix shell (/sbin/sh and /usr/bin/sh) by default which is a Korn-like shell.

Modern Korn shells and the Bash shell (the defacto Linux standard) are sometimes used, but you _must_ be familar and comfortable using the Posix shell, since '/sbin/sh' can be the only default 'root' shell unless you want an un-startable system.

Whatever you do, do _not_ use the brain-dead C shell ('/usr/bin/csh'). It has so many deficiences and idiosyncracies as to be virtually useless.

When you are comfortable with shell scripting, add 'awk' and 'sed'. You will encounter their use in many scripts indigenous to HP-UX. Then, add Perl and enjoy real power.

There are numerous good books on the Unix Shell. A very good site to begin your learning from is Heiner's "shelldorado":

A quick overview of the shells to get you started is here:


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Re: Easy question!


Probably the way I started many years ago !

shell scripting : there are many different shells :

then follow up with sed and awk
awk :

you will need a good understaning of regular expression :

Check with many examples you may have already on your system (eg insal scripts)

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Re: Easy question!

Hi Jaime,

You can find the documentation for programming languages and development tools for HP-UX at

Also, see the following links:

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Re: Easy question!

Thank you all.

I have it written down, Posix -- awk -- sed -- Perl and eventually if I am still alive C.


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