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11.23 & Oracle 9.2

We have HP UX 11i/PA-RISC with Oracle 9.2 Our HW & OS will be upgraded ( HPUX 11.23/ Itanium ) and will still be using Oracle 9.2

11.23 & Oracle 9.2, will this work. Any doc matrix to show compatibilty of this two?

f. halili
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Re: 11.23 & Oracle 9.2

Yes. 9.2 64-bit EE is supported for HP-UX 11iV2 (11.23) Itanium.

But its really up to Oracle isn't it?
You should doublecheck my answer, and read the fine print at metalink.

Just search for "Certification Matrix" and you'll find the info soon enough, and from an official source verus from a helpfull soul who may or migh not be correct.

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Re: 11.23 & Oracle 9.2


The first version of Oracle 9i to support HP-UX 11.23 (Itanium) is
It's available for download on Oracle's OTN site.

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Re: 11.23 & Oracle 9.2


Oracle Certification Matrices available here:

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Re: 11.23 & Oracle 9.2


Note that I found a bad metalink document that listed NO patches for 11.23 and Oracle 9.2

That is a fallacy, and got one firm I know in huge, huge trouble.

There is a patch list for 11.23 and I recommend you get it from metalink prior to proceeding.

Steven E Protter
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Re: 11.23 & Oracle 9.2


i would also suggest that you go through the preinstall tasks and run the VALIDATE/InstallPrep script (which is available from metalink) so that to determine the OS patches required as well as the changes that you must make to your kernel.

kind regards
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Re: 11.23 & Oracle 9.2

Thanks. Our machine with HPUX 11.23 now is running Oracle 9.2

f. halili
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