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"Blocked by Error"

It would be VERY helpful if HP could provide a troubleshooting list for the Event processing when one receives a "Blocked by Error" status message in any one of the event processors.


Something like:


Blocked by Error msg in Document Content Indexing:  a) Check this; b) Check that; c) Check all; d) If all else fails recreate the Document Content Index


Blocked by Error msg in Email:  a) Check this; b) Check that: c) Blame it on Grundy


Seriously though, we NEED some sort of troubleshooting matrix for this very generic error/status message.




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Re: "Blocked by Error"

When in doubt, blame Grundy! 

That's what I always say....


What version are you talking about?

We wont be publishing anything new on 6.2.X at this stage, but we are already working on an updated How Event Processing Works doco for 7.X.

Once we understand all the error too, we'll likely have a tech note on each issue/error, not a single large troubleshooting guide.



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Re: "Blocked by Error"

for me, I'm talking v7.1....


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Re: "Blocked by Error"

The "Blocked by error" message does write to the server event logs.. can sometimes make out what is going on from there. last few times I have had it it has been.. "Trimservices account is not an acount in trim" and DCI pending file issue.


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Re: "Blocked by Error"

We just experience the error that you are talking about in the Content Indexing monitor. There was a backlog in the queue that needed to be indexed. This error also was giving us error in Title Word searches and searches within X amount of words.


The windows application log listed the specific error of where it was hung up--In our cast it listed the path to the electronic document and which DCI directory held the index. (In our cast we had our DCI Indexes located on a NAS with all of our Document Stores) In the DCI directory path that was listed in the windows application log error I had to copy the TRIMPending.bin (Just in case) and delete the original. Restart the Workgroup service It started to process the files that were backed up in the queue and the problem was fixed.

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