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SAN loader utility


does anyone know where I could download the SAN loader utility that used to update firmware on FC switches (Brocade)?

thanks in advance.

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Re: SAN loader utility


I'm not sure what utility you're referring to. You usually update the firmware on Brocade switches from the telnet prompt, using the firmwareDownload command.

This downloads firmware from an FTP server somewhere on the network.

Hope this helps,


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Re: SAN loader utility


Yes, I agreed with your statement. That is how I used to do it. But there is a utility call SAN Loader, run on windows machine, that does the same thing and much simpler to use. I have used it recently and like it very much over the Brocade method.
I originally got it (the tool SAN Loader)from a HP tech support person but accidently loose it. would like to download it but could not find it anywhere. Tried to google it but didn't find it.


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Re: SAN loader utility

San Loader is HP internal. Not available for public download.

Maybe if you open a call to HP support, they can provide you the software.
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Re: SAN loader utility

That would certainly explain why I couldn't find it. Thanks Ivan.

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Re: SAN loader utility


1>your PC's ftp server is ready.
2>copy brocade's firmware to ftp home directory
3>backup your switch's configuration.(configupload command)
4>use firmwaredownload command upgrade the switch firmware
5>check firmware version,you can see the new version has been installed.(firmwareshow command)
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Re: SAN loader utility

Hi Runow,

I am very familiar with the traditional Brocade's way of doing firmware update. I have done this many many times in the past. I just prefer the way SAN loader does it( GUI). It is much easier and there is no need to have FTP running anywhere.


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Re: SAN loader utility

I would recommend that you obtain the SAN Loader utility from your HP partner or have them do your firmware updates. As an HP Partner I have the utility but we are unable to give it out to customers.
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Re: SAN loader utility


Since this trend is regarding SAN Loader and FTP Server, I would like to ask help from you guys...

I have an already existing SAN loader installed. Problems is that i can't load it because i am having problems with this prompt...

"Another FTP is currently running on your system. SAN loader will not be able to execute all its function and will fail. Please stop the running FTP Server"

Could someone help me how to stop this running FTP Server?

Many thanks,
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Re: SAN loader utility

This is probably the windows built-in ftp server, try

c:\> net stop "ftp publishing"

Just in case you have another ftp server running - stop it.

Hope this helps!


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