Advantages of HP over DELL (555 Views)
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Advantages of HP over DELL


A customer asked me to quote for a DELL Data Centre but I want to give him an HP Data Centre as an alternatives. I am obliged to compare DELL and HP by emphasizing on the advantages of HP equipments ( servers, SAN, Storage etc...)over DELL equipments.
The comparaison should be two main parts: Business Wise and Technical aspect wise.

Please help.

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Re: Advantages of HP over DELL

this could help you:

DELL vs. HP blade systems

EMC CX3-10 (available from DELL) vs. HP storage (EVA)
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Re: Advantages of HP over DELL

Your local HP sales team should have all this at their disposal - it's what they are paid for!
Have fun,

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Re: Advantages of HP over DELL

As already mentioned, pls get in touch with your local HP sales rep. , the Dell versus HP document is outdated and incomplete is the least to say, there are more and better documents out there to convince your customer.

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Re: Advantages of HP over DELL

Hi Berag,

It's been a long time since I've purchased Dell servers, for good reason.

Yes, they may be cheaper, but generally you get what you pay for.

One of the most significant things that comes to mind is lights out functionality, which is essential in any data centre. Most, if not all, HP ProLiants come with an iLO interface, to enable easy management.

A quick browse at the specs. of some current Dell servers shows that their equivalent, the DRAC, is still an optional extra.

I could go into build quality, etc. but as others have said, your local HP sales team should be able to do that !

Hope this helps,


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