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The training disconnect - Part 1 of 2

The training disconnect.jpg

HP training evangelist and guest education blogger, Jeanette Jacobs, explains that while training is essential for users to get the most from software, there’s a perception in some quarters that it can be cut if budgets tighten. In this, the first of a two-part blog, Jeanette looks at the reasons as to why training may fall down the agenda. And in her next post, she gives her views on what can be done to ensure that users get the training they need to make the most of your software investments. 




HP Discover 2012 – Disney’s insight into IT training is a star attraction

hp_discover_2012.gifWith 9,000 delegates attending HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt, Susan Merriman, WW Leader of Emerging Technologies for HP Software Education, is still buzzing from the event. With HP Discover