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Education Portal.pngWe are so thankful for all of our HP Software customers—especially those involved with HP Software Education. We want to reward your loyalty, and the hours you have spent taking training, studying for certification exams, and using our Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) product.


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You’re excellent! Tell everyone and get recognized for your hard work

Discover awards winners.PNGDo you have a story to tell about how HP Software has helped you? We know that you work hard and that our products are here to support you.


Share your story with others at the HP Discover Awards for Customer Excellence. Keep reading to find out how you can fill out a nomination form and win a ticket to HP Discover in Las Vegas.

What does being certified mean anyway?

security operations center.jpgI read an article recently about a five-year-old boy that passed a Microsoft exam. He was the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) ever.

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical. I have taken these exams and I wondered how he was able to read them—never mind pass one. He was allowed to have somebody read the questions to him so we know the answer to the first part. Even with the assistance, that is no small feat.


Keep reading to find out about the importance of certification and how you can get certified from HP.


Guest post by Nathan Younger, Enterprise Security Products -Education Services

Infographic: Inside the ART of continuous education for the new style of IT

Effective training is essential if you are to successfully manage change and enable users to make the most of new software investments. Here are five tips for how you can get it right, and an infographic that illustrates the processes you need.

Competency as a Service

The “New Style of IT” requires IT organizations to transform from just service providers, to proactive titans of technology, ready to be nimble and display expertise in many more areas and means, than before. Having a method of efficiently training mass numbers of users, and turning the training investment into direct ROI, would be a dream scenario.

about:robots, Software and User Adoption

Having a method of efficiently training mass numbers of users, and turning the training investment into direct ROI, would be a dream scenario.

Don’t overlook this key to software implementation success

IT teams need to invest a significant amount of resources and planning to roll out new software implementations. How do you ensure that it’s all worthwhile? No matter how technically proficient your IT team is, or how valuable and useful the software is, you won’t be successful unless you remember this one crucial step.

Tech changes fast. Is your team keeping up?

The pace of change in technology is breathtaking. It can be a challenge for IT to be able to absorb so much, so quickly. You need to adjust your approach to ongoing IT education and certification with new ways to help employees learn while they work.

HP Discover: See why user adoption is critical at Navy Federal Credit Union

With HP Discover approaching (June 10-12, Las Vegas) Susan Merriman and Tina Sturgis discuss key themes. We also give a heads-up of the plans of HP’s Software Education team including a joint presentation with the Navy Federal Credit Union – a must attend session if you’re planning a transformation strategy. 

Teacher says: five ways to build and maintain the skills of your users

Lydia Casillas, VP, HP Software Solutions at SkyIT Group is an HP Partner. Over the last 20 years she’s run hundreds of training sessions ­– publicly, privately and virtually ­– helping thousands of people do more with their HP Software. In this blog Lydia calls on her experience to give five pointers to getting the most from your training budget and enabling your people to use HP Software...

Customer Success Corner...How EVRY enabled 10,000 people on HP ITSM

I know that hearing from our fellow customers that you’re not alone with the challenges you face, and gaining advice on how to resolve them, is the most helpful insight I can give you. So I’m excited today to talk about the education needs of EVRY – Norway’s largest IT company – and to share a case study about how it’s cutting the cost of its enablement program while helping its people do more...


A new year…a new perspective in software education

I can’t believe it has been this long since my last post…time is flying by since ringing in the 2014.  But one thing is clear to me based on chats with customers at HP Discover in December; I said in my last blog that we may see IT budgets rising in 2014...

Live from HP Discover – my three highlights so far

With HP Discover, Barcelona, in full swing until close of play today I wanted to let you know about three great things that I’ve learned so far and also explain why 2014 looks like being all about value...

Look out comes Education!

HP Discover, Barcelona, December 10-12, Barcelona is soon upon us. We thought it’d be fun to introduce you to some of the Education team you might meet at the event. As well as talking about ‘must-see’ education sessions and what we’ll be doing at the show, the team also suggests where to hang out in this fabulous city...

The ART of enablement

HP Software Education helps your people to configure, run, maintain, and use our software. One of our solutions, HP ART, has received a lot of interest in the last year or so. A new version, 5.1, is just out and some high profile customers such as EVRY will speak at HP Discover, Barcelona, about how they use HP ART to easily create bespoke training content. So it feels like a good time to chat about what’s new in HP ART 5.1, and how it can help you embrace the new style of IT...

5 Reasons to be in Barcelona @ HPDiscover 10-12 December

Few of us need an invitation to go to Barcelona. But forget the stunning festive markets: In December HP Discover – HP’s lead EMEA customer event – is top billing. The HP Software Education team is going to be out in force. We’ll be explaining how we can “build a better enterprise together” and, with our customers speaking on our behalf, it’s really worth attending. My top 5 reasons for being in Barca are below...

Lessons from running a global team

Every business has its inspiring leaders and I was fortunate enough to sit down with one of HP’s recently – Aileen Allkins, Vice President for Worldwide Support. Computer Weekly recently named Aileen as one of the UK IT’s 25 most influential women. And, over the past four years, she’s led 1,600 people worldwide to exceed customers’ expectations with HP Software Support. Aileen gave me some great insight into: the improvements that have been made to HP Software Support and how to inspire global teams, a sneak preview into her future vision for HP’s Support organisation, and how Software Education can assist in delivering it...

Graduating into the world of work

How do we get new graduates ready for the world of work? It’s a question that interests all of us. Our team in Malaysia might just have an answer. It’s supporting a training initiative to give IT students practical skills that has seen 87% of people who’ve attended the course go on to be employed by specialist IT testing firms or IT departments. Rajesh Prabhakaran, our Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Professional Services, explains more...

5 things for a smooth upgrade of your HP Software

Customers often ask: ‘How do we hit the ground running when we go live on an upgrade or new product’. I’ve asked Irene Kohlman one of our Software Education Portfolio Managers to take a look at this one for you. Irene’s thoughts are timely because we’ve just launched HP Asset Manager 9.4; Irene’s five-steps to a smooth upgrade will help you get the most from the latest version of this product (or other software apps).   

Get a little help from 15,000 friends

I like to think that we do a good job in helping you train your project team and users in HP Software. But did you know that when you buy HP Software get a lot of free enablement opportunities too? Especially from our Vivit community – a forum that provides a great deal of helpful options, including the ability to ask for advice from 15,000 people. In this guest blog HP’s Channel Partner, and PCI Vice President, Rocky Pisto, who plays a leading role in Vivit, tells you more about why you should get involved... 

Five things that are changing software education

This blog’s mission is simple: to give you hints and tips around IT education to help make sure your people get the most out of your software. This week we hear from Jeanette Jacobs, guest blogger and HP training evangelist, who reveals the five tech trends changing the way education is delivered. Are your programmes keeping up? Over to Jeanette...


I recently came across this report, written by Maria Manning-Chapman, senior director of education services research for the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), on the state of IT education services in 2013. Chapman lists five tech trends that are helping users improve their IT skills. I’ve summarised these to make it easy for you to decide if your training is ahead of the game, or a work in progress...

Five steps towards your education business case

Investing in software education was once a ‘no brainer’. However, the days of ‘scrutiny-free’ investments are long gone; every line item now needs a business case. With IDC suggesting that the training industry could do more to show how investments can be evaluated, calling out the topic of the training industry and approaches to justify investments, I ask: How can you build the argument to secure training budget to prepare your people to get the most from software? ... 

11,000 delegates and counting: Discovering the numbers behind HP’s biggest event

HP Discover.PNGHP Discover (June 11-13 Las Vegas) has recently come to an end. To give you a different insight into one of the world’s biggest business and technology showcases, I looked at the event through numbers – stats that give you insight into the sheer scale of the show.


Coffee and insights


There’s always a really positive vibe at HP Discover: Attracting the world’s leading media and analysts and thousands of HP’s customers and partners, the atmosphere is buzzing, hard working and energetic. I also love attending for two other reasons...

The truth about education

Mark Twain said: 'There are lies, lies and statistics.' While it’s an amusing observation, stats do make a point in a succinct and powerful way; so much so that we hope our stats will persuade you to spend some productive time with us at the Guru Bar here at HP Discover Las Vegas.


Here at HP Discover we have been running demos of our smart ART tool for creating engaging training, delivering presentations, and meeting customers in the ‘guru’ bar to chat through any particular challenging issues that you have. We’re on a mission to show shelfware can be banished, how one hour of training saves five lost hours of productivity, why advanced companies spend 5-20% of profits on training and why 80% of IT managers believe training to be critical to project success. Click through to see these stats!

Discover the power of collaboration in Vegas

The Guru Bar.jpg

A remarkable aspect of our industry is the willingness to share best practice. In this blog I praise this collegiate approach – using the example of a new Vendor Analysis  report on Education from IDC – and I look forward to HP Discover – one of the best opportunities of the year for you to meet peers and share new ideas.


Let’s be honest, working in IT is demanding. Tightening belts and limited resources hamper efforts to keep plates spinning...

Spend time to save time and innovate

In our last conversation, Patrick Eitenbichler explained why IT finds itself in a situation where, typically, 70 percent or more of time is spent on operations and 30 percent or less on innovation. From his discussions with customers Patrick sees a groundswell move to change this equation in favor of innovation. Here he shows how it can be done.


The two most important things you can do to make time for innovation are...

The IT time divide - Why is it 70/30 Operations vs Innovation?

IT time divide.png

We estimate, and the general industry consensus seems to agree, that typically, 70 percent of IT’s time is spent on operations and only 30 on innovation. Why is this? And what can be done?  With the hope that perhaps Education can play a role in this dilemma, I approached Patrick Eitenbichler, Director of Marketing, ExpertOne, for his views. Patrick’s insight is split over two posts. First, he looks below at why IT is swamped. And in our second blog from this conversation, Patrick explains how certification can create the capacity to let innovation thrive in your business. 


One size does not fit all – how to create your bespoke training program (Part 2 of 2)

n my previous blog Carl Stephenson and I discussed when customers like you might consider creating bespoke software training for your people. However, many customers can be concerned that bespoke training is an expensive option. In this post I asked Carl to explain why this is not necessarily the case and to discuss a few tricks of the trade to create training programs that will really engage your users. 


One size does not fit all – the need for customized training (Part 1 of 2)

creating your bespoke training program.jpg

One of the more popular features of HP blogs is the personal insight into the day-to-day work of our people. And I recently chatted to Carl Stephenson, who prepares customized training programs, about his role and when it’s right for customers to invest in bespoke training. Carl’s thoughts are detailed in a two-part blog.


The first discusses why bespoke training might be required and the four things to look for in your deployments that suggest you may benefit from customized programs. The second blog looks at how Carl prepares training courses and provides hints and tips to ensure training is a success. 



In 2013 fight the good fight with the training manifesto - Part 2 of 2

Training manifesto .jpg

In her previous blog post Jeanette Jacobs, guest blogger and HP training evangelist, showed how a stated belief in the value of training from business leaders does not necessarily see training programs deployed further down the business. But training is one of the most important things you can do to make software deployments deliver their expected value. With this in mind, Jeanette has prepared a five-point manifesto to ensure that training gets the investment it deserves.




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