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Thought leadership around software-defined data center (SDDC), including capacity management, transitioning to converged infrastructure and resource optimization

Are you getting the most out of Virtualization?

virtualization men.jpgDo you know how to get the best performance from Virtualization within your data center?

There are some key points that must be considered while operating your IT if it is based on Virtualization technologies.


Keep reading to find out what these concepts are and to learn more about the tool you may want to consider for tuning your data center.


Guest post by

Sonu Sudhakaran,

Software Analyst, Virtualization and Cloud Solutions

5 ways things go wrong with your Software-Defined Data Center adoption

SDDC teaser 2.pngThe benefits of introducing a Software-Defined Data Center implementation within your data center are extraordinary.  Unfortunately, there are 5 common challenges that SDDC instalments face.


Keep reading to find out what they are and how to overcome them.

Are your customer-serving VMs perfectly load balanced? Learn how to balance yours!

Balance.PNGDo you know how to load balance your critical servers and ensure zero availability, performance and scalability issues beyond the using the tools like Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS)?  This is essential to know and understand to help your servers optimize performance.


Another common issue is trying to forecast and visualize the current load on the Virtualization infrastructure. Keep reading to find out how to answer these difficult questions within your environment.


Guest Post by Nagarajan K, HP Software Operations

Demystifying the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), the HP Point of View

SDDC teaser.PNGOne of the burgeoning topics in IT is the Software-Defined Data Center. I want to take this opportunity to give you the details about the HP view on the SDDC—in an easy to understand format.


Keep reading to find out why the Software-Defined Data Center is become so important and how all the levels all work together.

Capacity planning and provisioning in a modern virtualized data center

Vpv Teaser.pngThere was once a time in my life when the toughest math problems I faced were 2 x 5 =10. Now the problems that I face in the data center are just a smidge more difficult…


Keep reading to find out the arsenal of tools I use to find a solution to these data center dilemmas.


Guest post by Abhijit Chaudhuri (Architect, HP Virtualization Performance Viewer

vSME Challenge #2 – Being the troubleshooter of Virtualized environments

images.jpgDo you know why the vSME is called the troubleshooter?


One of the main roles of a vSME is to troubleshoot issues arising in Virtualized environments. Read further to know how vSME plays this role and how you can help.

A roadmap to Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) management at HP Discover

roadmap to SDDC.pngWhen looking beyond the buzz and hype of the word, do you truly understand the software-defined data center?


Keep reading to get back to the basics of the software-defined data center and how you can get a roadmap to SDDC management.

Virtualization Performance Management: Busting the top 5 myths and checking the realities

true false.jpgThere are myths circulating about virtualization performance management. Unfortunately, many virtualization administrators have listened to these misconceptions without questioning them.


This blog post examines the top five myths around and presents the realities. Keep reading to see what happens when I do some “Myth Busting”.

Why you should go for HP StoreVirtual VSA and VMware Horizon View for VDI?

VMWare Horizon View.jpgAre you perplexed with complex VDI Reference Architectures? Want to know how VDI can be implemented without any SAN/NAS at all? Are you looking for a very simplified solution guide on VDI?


Today is your lucky day! Keep reading to take a closer look at HP StoreVirtual VSA and its relationship with VMware’s Horizon View for VDI.

Why OneView is a true SDDC management tool

The goal of the software-defined datacenter (SDDC) is to liberate users from the restrictions of the underlying physical infrastructure, as they manage and consume IT services and applications. Unfortunately, realizing the vision of the software-defined datacenter runs into problems because there are hundreds of tools that monitor, administer and manage infrastructure, and these tools tend to be very focused on a particular product or technology. As a result operations teams continue to work in silos that remain focused only on servers, networks, storage, applications, etc.


HP OneView was designed tNo Silos.jpgo enable the software-defined data center, and the development team approached the definition and creation of the product from a unique perspective. OneView shifts the focus of infrastructure management from “devices” to “how people work”. It uses a consumer-inspired, intuitive interface that helps users work and collaborate in a much more natural, and streamlined way.


Industry experts and IT organizations are taking notice of this revolutionary approach. They are beginning to understand how HP OneView really empowers IT administrators, by enabling them to collaborate more effectively across domains of expertise to deliver standardized infrastructure services faster, with fewer errors and with reduced cost. 


Read on to learn how HP OneView can empower you.


My Software-Defined reality

girl watching TV.jpgBecause of “Software-Defined Television” we now determine our destiny. We can sit and binge watch an entire season of our favorite shows—instead of having to schedule our lives around when they were on (or trying to record them on a VHS).

The same is happening in IT today, keep reading to find out how Software-Defined is changing how we operate and what our future holds.

Analytics, big data and the software-defined datacenter

Assuring the SDDC Environment.pngThe Software-defined datacenter (SDDC) introduces a whole new level of complexity—at great reward. But in turn, the SDDC generates massive amounts of data from infrastructure events, logs, etc. All of this needs to be analyzed, so you can make sense of it. Otherwise you’ll be in a reactive mode that undermines all the great benefits of the SDDC.


 Analytics are an important new dimension of the management stack required to support the SDDC. We asked an industry analyst to provide us with his insights on analytics and the SDDC in a new video.


Read on to learn more and to see what he has to say.


Guest post by Ian Bromehead, Sr Product Marketing Manager, HP Software

The SDDC management stack – the essential ingredients

berndHarzog SDDC video 3.pngThere are significant benefits offered by the Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC), but the other side of this coin is that it presents a new set of management challenges.


This video by an industry expert explains the essential components required in the management software. It lets you drill down and see how you can address these challenges before they create more problems with your SDDC implementation. Read on to find out how you can benefit from an SDDC.


Guest post by Anil Kuriakose, Sr. Product Manager, HP Software

Benefits of the software-defined data center explained

how virtualized is the market.pngThis week at VMworld in Barcelona VMware has continued to describe their vision of the Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC).  As IT organizations adopt virtualization, they are realizing significant benefits. They are seeing  CapEx savings through consolidation and OpEx savings through aumation. The SDDC really is a game changing technology.


HP recently sat down with industry analyst Bernd Harzog of The Virtualization Practice to get his insights on the business benefits of the software-defined datacenter. Keep reading for his perspective.


Image source: VMware

Software-defined data center – Clarity into a complex topic from an industry analyst

Software defined datacenter.pngVMware continues to promote their vision of the Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC) at VMworld in Barcelona this week.  SDDC is a new industry buzzword, and it is creating some confusion. Industry analyst Bernd Harzog of The Virtualization Practice provides a concise, lucid explanation of this complex topic in a new video.  Keep reading to learn his observations on the topic. 


Image source: VMware

VMworld Europe – Learn about free tools for virtualization and cloud performance management

Cloud virtualization.jpgAt VMWorld Europe, HP is offering some new free tools to  help you monitor and troubleshoot performance in virtualized and cloud environments. These powerful, yet easy-to-use tools deliver benefits in less than 60 minutes. 


Stop by the HP booth to see a demo on October 15 and 16 or watch the theatre presentation. If you won’t be in Barcelona next week, keep reading to find out how you can learn more and download the tools now.

Software Defined Data Center & VMware vCloud

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is a buzz word coined by VMware’s CTO. This post unfolds how SDDC is implemented through the VMware vCloud Suite. It explains the various building blocks of vCloud and how they work together to deliver a complete stack for the SDDC. It's not just about vSphere and vCloud Director. Read the post to learn more...

SDN empowers networking innovation

SDN.pngSoftware Defined Networking (SDN) is driving the most significant change in networking that has been experienced in years.


SDN expected to revolutionize networking and and take the industry to new heights. Keep reading to find out the potential of SDN.


Guest post written by Ahmad Zamer, HP Networking Sr. Global Product Marketing Manager

How to define and begin implementing the Software-Defined Data Center

Source: VMworld Software-defined Data Center.jpgThe term Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is buzzing. It is creating some of the same buzz and confusion that we witnessed in the market a few years ago when cloud was an emerging concept. Learn how the experts define SDDC and what you can begin to do to implement software-defined systems in your environment.  


Image courtesy of VMWorld 2012

The vision of Software-Defined Data Centers and your vReality

vreality1.pngThe Software-Defined Data Center could revolutionize IT, but don’t get caught up in the hype. Get practical, useful information to help you manage your virtualized reality.

Continue reading to find out HP can help you practically transition to SDDC.  

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