The SDDC management stack – the essential ingredients

Guest post by Anil Kuriakose, Sr. Product Manager, HP Software


Software-Defined Datacenters (SDDC) offer two significant benefits:

(1)     IT Agility– Your IT systems will be more dynamic, making  it easier for you to change your IT infrastructure, in accordance with business requirements.

(2)     Cost Savings –The SDDC helps you to abstract and optimize your siloed resources and defer CAPEX without impacting your growth agenda.

But these benefits come with a cost. This cost often includes a different set of management challenges.


In your current environment you typically have dedicated hardware that offers complete visibility regarding how your workloads are deployed on top of this infrastructure. The abstraction introduced by the virtualization of compute, network and storage resources eliminates this traceablity. Without this traceability, it is very difficult for you isolate infrastructure problems against application performance problems. You need management software to help understand the relationships across your infrastructure and application layers.


Without the right management software, there is a higher probability that you will mess-up your SDDC implementation.


The right management software has three key layers:

  • The first layer is the operations management layer, which ensures the availability and performance of your physical and virtual resources. It monitors the infrastructure at a high level of granularity and with shorter cycle times.
  • The second layer is the application layer, which monitors the end to end response time.
  • The third layer is cloud management layer, which helps you to automatically provision IT services from a service catalog.


We wanted to offer you further insights on this topic, so we sat down wth industry analyst, Bernd Harzog of The Virtualization Practice to discuss the benefits of the SDDC. Bernd is a highly regarded industry expert in virtualization and cloud management. You can read his  blogs at


This video is the third in a four-part series of videos that will be published on this blog. The first video provided a clear explanation of the software-defined datacenter. You can watch the video by clicking here. The second video focused on the business benefits of the SDDC. The fourth video will focus on the role of analytics in the SDDC.


Bernd recently published a report on this topic entitled, “The Business Benefits of the Software-Defined Datacenter”. It includes a two sections regarding management software. You can download a copy of this report here. 


This is a very informative tutorial on the SDDC, and we welcome your questions and comments. For additonal information on this topic and free software from HP, please check the following links:


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