MOSS 2007 and TRIM 6.24(TCSI) - Sort results and displaying specific record types (320 Views)
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MOSS 2007 and TRIM 6.24(TCSI) - Sort results and displaying specific record types

Hi All,


We've recently integrated MOSS2007 and TRIM 6.24 which was quite easy thankfully(there is a trick around Kerberos) enough. Most of the web-parts have been setup and configured however Ive noticed no easy way to sort the results returned by a TRIM search.


Ideally I would like to sort either ascending/descending by date created or modified but haven't found anyway to alter this, the default is by record type I believe. An old posting (see below) pointed at altering a registry key however I havent had any luck with this result as yet. :smileymad:


Hkey_local_machine\software\unique world software\tips\sharepoint\templaterawsearch

I then just added this to the end of the templaterawsearch


In addition to this being able to restrict the search to certain document types only would be even better. At the moment it searches the whole TRIM repository as opposed to 2 or 3 record types only, e.g. Document, email etc.


Any help would be appreciated!




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Re: MOSS 2007 and TRIM 6.24(TCSI) - Sort results and displaying specific record types



I think you refer to my previous post. You need to change the recordtype URI shown below to match your record type URIs in TRIM.


This is my settings for that keys to get it to sort and filter on a standard TRIM search in TCSI.




String Value : anyword='[SearchTerm]';recnbr='[SearchTerm]';or;includetype=75,73,82,66,58,19,79,44,54,78,14,41,45,63,15,71,16,47,69,65,48,56,3,80,42,579,581,582;includedisp=1,2;sort=4,1;


However it doesnt work for advanced searches.


I reported this issue to HP CRID ID 35226 and they agreed it doesn't work for advanced search.


While they fixed a number of TCSI issues in 6.2.5, they didn't fix that one. I am surprised you are using TCSI with 6.2.4 because it has a number of issues you should be aware of. Look at 6.2.5 SPER to see what is fixed.



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