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notification through email

Hi All,

Is it possible on the M/C Service Guard to notify through email if there is fail over happened?


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Re: notification through email

Hi Adriatico,

Please check this link:
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Re: notification through email


What you can do i write a script. The script must monitor the syslog file ( tail -f ) and send an e-mail when a package stops/starts. You can also add a line in the costumer_defined_run_cmds and halt_cmds. mailx -s "package starts at $(date)"


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Re: notification through email

You can enter a command like "mailx" in the user_defined_run_commands or user_defined_stop_commands portion of a standard service guard package.

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Re: notification through email

Absolutely, see above messages. However, is not reccommended to alert anything by e-mail even though we all do it.
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Re: notification through email

Check this document in the ITRC:
Doc. ID: UXSGKBQA00000051
TITLE: Serviceguard email and alert paging from packages

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