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LAN Config for ServiceGuard and Oracle RAC

Our current design/requirement is to run a 2 node cluster with a single SG Package and an Oracle RAC application.

Both need to communicate to the same subnet.

Existing hardware config is 2 NICS per node configured for SG Package (ie standby LAN) and a 3 NIC configured by RAC.

Is this valid (I'm getting errors from CMVIEWCL regarding the RAC NIC) and if NOT how can we configure. Can we even run Sg Package and RAC on same cluster.

OS is HPUX 11.11 PA RISC, Sg is 11.16 with SGeRAC. Patches are Dec 2005 Gold Pack plus some additional.

John Debenham
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Re: LAN Config for ServiceGuard and Oracle RAC


What kind of errors are you getting from cmviewcl?
About LAN configuration, it seems to be ok, but, you need a separate lan for RAC heartbeat (cache fusion) and this lan is configured in oracle´s init.ora file (LAN_INTERCONNECTS parameter).

Can you post this errors?

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Re: LAN Config for ServiceGuard and Oracle RAC

Shalom John,

You gotta post the errors if you expect any help.

Take a look at the /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log you might find more information for self diagnosis.

Steven E Protter
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