How to restart /opt/hpsmc/avc/bin/monitorsvcd r services (1103 Views)
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How to restart /opt/hpsmc/avc/bin/monitorsvcd r services



Anyone please let me know how to restart monitorsvcd services. Actually i have recreated monitorsvcd.log file but it is not updating after recreating the file. I believe if we will restart monitorsvcd services then .log file will be updating.


$ ll monitorsvcd.log
-rwx------   1 root       root           0 Dec 15 21:31 monitorsvcd.log
$ ps -ef | grep -i monitorsvcd
    root  1360 21509  0 21:39:03 pts/1     0:00 grep -i monitorsvcd
    root 21975     1 255 23:22:05 ?        155:52 /opt/hpsmc/avc/bin/monitorsvcd --restart


Please let me know how to restart  /opt/hpsmc/avc/bin/monitorsvcd services?



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Re: How to restart /opt/hpsmc/avc/bin/monitorsvcd r services



/sbin/init.d/  stop

/sbin/init.d/  start




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