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Enable long password in HP-UX 11i v3

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Hi All,


I need to know the step where I'm not correct, while trying to enable long password (greater than 8 characters) on my Hp-UX 11i v3 VM. I've installed the packages LongPass11i3(B.11.31.01) & PHI11i3(B.11.31.02) and made the necessary changes in /etc/default/security. I've attached the logs below.


# swlist -R |grep -i -e phi11 -e sha11 -e long
# LongPass11i3 B.11.31.01 HP-UX 11.31 LongPass11i3 Bundle
# LongPass11i3.LongPassword11i3 B.11.31.01 HP-UX 11.31 LongPassword11i3 Product
LongPass11i3.LongPassword11i3.LP-CONF B.11.31.01 LongPassword11i3 Configuration Files
# PHI11i3 B.11.31.02 HP-UX 11.31 Password Hashing Infrastructure
# PHI11i3.SHA11i3 B.11.31.02 HP-UX 11.31 SHA11i3 Product
# PHI11i3.SHA11i3.Manuals Manual Pages and Documentation
PHI11i3.SHA11i3.Manuals.SHA-ENG-A-MAN B.11.31.02 SHA11i3 English Manpages
PHI11i3.SHA11i3.SHA-CONF B.11.31.02 SHA11i3 Configuration Files
# cat /etc/default/security |grep -v -e "^$" -e "^#"



Ashutosh Singh



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Re: Enable long password in HP-UX 11i v3

What is the problem?  I see nothing anywhere that says exactly what your problem is.  Error messages, if any are displayed, would be very helpful.


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Re: Enable long password in HP-UX 11i v3

Have you converted the system to shadow mode (using the "pwconv" command) successfully? Does /etc/shadow exist?


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