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Gary Coulter
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Scanjet 6300c Vista Driver

I'm in the process of purchasing a new system and want it to work with my Scanjet 6300c scanner. The HP site says that there is no Vista driver and no plans to develop one.

However, I found a site called that has driver listed that claims to be a Scanjet 6300c Vista driver. The driver file is called vuesca84.exe.

In effect, the site claims to be a clearing house for all drivers. I find it strange that I can't seem to find a Vista driver anywhere else yet they have one.

I also saw another "Vista rant" that claims the XP driver works just fine in Vista.

Does anyone have any experience that they can share before I waste money on Vista?
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Mandokar Vijay
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Re: Scanjet 6300c Vista Driver


I understand from your e-mail that you wish setup and install 6300c scanner on your computer running on Windows Vista Operating System.

I am sorry to inform but there are no software/drivers for HP 6300c scanner is available right now but as an alternate solution you can try downloading the basic drivers available for HP Scanjet 4850 scanner and try scaning from the scanner and camera wizard. This basic driver will enable the computer to recognize the scanner and to scan.

For your ease, I am providing the steps below to download and install Basic drivers:

Please copy and paste the entire web link in a new browser and press enter. This should open the web page titled "HP Basic Feature Driver HP Scanjet 4850 Photo Scanner"〈=en

NOTE: Clicking the link may give an error indicating it is
invalid. If this occurs, copy the portion of the address
on the remaining line(s) and paste it at the end of the
address showing in your browser until the complete address
is displayed in the Address box.

After you open the web page, Click on Download only and the The download page will give the option to Save this program to disk or Run this program from its current location.

Click on Save option and save the file to Desktop. After the file is saved, double click the file to run the software. Connect you scanner and try scanning using the WIA feature ( Scanner and Camera Wizard) and get back with the results.

To scan a picture using Windows Photo Gallery follow the steps below:

Before you begin, make sure that you've installed your scanner on the computer and that the scanner is turned on.

1. Open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking the Start button , clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.

2. Click File, and then click Import from Camera or Scanner.

3. In the Import Pictures and Videos window, click the scanner that you want to use, and then click Import.

4. In the New Scan dialog box, click the Profile list, and then click Photo. The default settings for scanning a picture are automatically displayed.

5. If you're using a scanner with a document feeder, click the Paper size list, and then click the size of the picture that you've placed on the scanner or click the size that most closely matches the picture.

6. Click the Color format list, and then click the color format that you want the scanned file to display.

7. Click the File type list, and then click the file type that you want to use to save the scanned file.

8. Click the Resolution (DPI) list, and then click the resolution, in dots per inch, that you want to use.

9. Adjust the brightness and contrast settings or type the values that you want to use.

10. To see how the picture will appear when it is scanned, click Preview. If needed, modify the scan settings, and then preview the picture again. Repeat these steps until you're satisfied with the preview results. Some scanners might require you to place the picture in the document feeder each time that you scan.

11. Click Scan. When the scan is complete, Windows Photo Gallery prompts you to tag the picture so that it's easier to organize or find later.

12. In the Tag these pictures (optional) list, type a tag name, and then click Import. Windows Photo Gallery displays the picture so you can view, fix, or organize it.

To change where Windows Photo Gallery stores scanned pictures

1. Open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking the Start button , clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.

2. Click File, and then click Options.

3. Click the Import tab, click the Settings for list, and then click Scanners.

4. Click Browse next to the Import to list, and then browse to the location where you want Windows Photo Gallery to automatically store pictures that you scan.

Additionally, the same steps are listed in the below weblink.

NOTE: The URL above will take you to a non HP Web site. HP does
not control and is not responsible for information outside
of the HP Web site.

Follow the steps above and get back with the results.


Vijay Mandokar.
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Gary Coulter
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Re: Scanjet 6300c Vista Driver

Thanks for the reply Vijay,

However, I was considering purchasing a new system with Vista preinstalled (even though I don't really want Vista).

I don't want to suffer with a temporary or jury rigged situation just because Microsoft decides to make money on a new OS and HP has not spent the effort to update drivers.

Therefore, I have purchased a new system but I will install an older OS (not Vista).

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Eugene Roberts
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Re: Scanjet 6300c Vista Driver

I tried the approach Vijay described by installing the 4850 driver. Unfortunately that doesn't help because Vista doesn't recognize the 6300c when connected to the USB port.

How do I associate the 4850 drivers wiht the 6300c?
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Re: Scanjet 6300c Vista Driver

How to Install a HP ScanJet 4400C on a Windows Vista Computer.
This should work with the ScanJet 5000 and 6000 series Scanners also!
First you must have the Latest Drivers and Software for Windows XP
that HP has for your series of Scanner. I donâ t know if this will work on
the HP all-in-one scanners, I havenâ t tried yet. I do know it works on my
HP ScanJet 4400C, because What I describe below is how it finally got
it to work in Windows Vista.
Second When you start the installation you will need to Allow the install
to run. Chose the Install the HP Precision Scan Pro, also chose to Install
the USB drivers. You will have a window remind you of the following:
Find the USB Cable. you will connect it AFTER you have finished the
Software installation and shut down your Computer. I would not connect
it until after you have completely rebooted.
Click the Install option and it will show files being copied.
Third The Install shield wizard has successfully installed HP Precision Scan Pro
window will open. Click Finished to exit. and a window will open telling
you to Restart Windows, but leave the CD-ROM in the Drive.
Forth Once back in Windows you will have an Icon on the Task Bar next
to the Clock, Stating it Blocked Startup Programs. You will need to Right click
on it and chose Run Blocked Programs and find the HP program and click on it.
Once it finishes running Close it.
Fifth Now you can plug the Scanner into the USB port on the Computer, It will
start the found new hardware and installing drivers for new hardware. once done
it will say that the Hardware is installed and ready to use. But this is not true!
Because the drivers are Windows XP drives and until you do the following, you
will keep getting errors when trying to run the Scanner.
Sixth Go to Start, Programs, and find the HP Precision Scan Pro Icon and right
click on it. Click on the option to Run as Administrator. A UAC Control window
will pop up just click on the Allow Tab. It should work just fine now! It did on
my installation into Vista!
But is it still keeps popping up with the error message, you will need to take one more
step to solve this problem.
Seventh Right Click on the My Computer Icon and click on the Properties Tab. Click
on the Device Manager Tab and a UAC Control window will pop up, chose
continue. Once in Device Manager, Find the Imaging Devices Icon and click on the
Plus to the left of it and you should see your Hewlett Packart ScanJet Model #.
Double click on it and the Hewlett Packart ScanJet Model # Properties window will
open. Click on the Drivers Tab. Click on the Roll Back Drivers Tab.
Chose to Run this device under Windows XP Mode.
Click OK and reboot and it should work now.

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Eugene Roberts
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Re: Scanjet 6300c Vista Driver

Thank You - John:
The install didn't work quite as described but I'm working by the following:
-Installed latest XP drivers and software from CD; didn't receive USB prompt; no restart prompt after finished.
-Reboot; CD still in drive but no Blocked Startup Program process.
-connected USB scanner; Found New Hardwaare wizard; selected locate and install driver... - UAC continue - next dialog box correctly identified the ScanJet 6300C but cannot find the specified file; only option was a Close button; balloon in taskbar indicated Device driver software was not successfully installed.
- Device Manager showed Unknown device; installed the driver from device properties by pointing to the location of the inf file on the CD.
- Used the compatibility wizard to set ScanJet Pro to run in XP (SP2) mode.
--- Scanner works! ---

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Morris Driggers
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Re: Scanjet 6300c Vista Driver

If the XP drivers work with this kind of work-around, it shouldn't take HP programmers but a half an hour to create drivers for these orphaned scanners that still work beautifully. The big question, then, is how do we convince HP to do that for us? When our XP computers must be replaced (and it will happen ... it happened to me), we want to be able to continue using our good scanners. Who do we need to talk to, and how do we make them listen?
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David Edmunds
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Re: Scanjet 6300c Vista Driver

This reply is how to get an HP ScanJet 4400C working in Vista, might also work for 5000/6000 series:

Reinstalled latest Precision Pro 3.1 (from sj659en.exe) with USB cable detached.
Told it to Repair previous install and it completed successfully, and then plugged in USB cable.

Checked Device Manager and it showed that the device wasnâ t working properly.

In Device Manager chose to Reinstall the driver and pointed it to where the self-extracting sj659en.exe put it which was C:\sj659 by default. It then found and loaded the driver and Device Manager was now showing the device as working properly.

Fired up Precision Pro and it indicated that it was â warming up the lampâ but it never completed and the program stopped responding and I had to kill the application.

Important Part:
Went into Control Panel => System => System Protection => Settings => Data Execution Prevention tab => select the "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:" radio button.

Using the ADD button added the following 4 programs which are located in Program Files => Hewlett-Packard in the HP Precision Pro 3.1 folder:

Precisionscan Pro
HPSJRREG Application

Save your changes and it will say that it might need a reboot for the changes to take place, but it worked fine without a reboot.

Start up Precision Pro and it should warm up the lamp and start working normally.
Hope this helps, I really like this scanner and didnâ t want to have to scrap it because of Vista quirks.
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rik erikson
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Re: Scanjet 6300c Vista Driver

What is this??? HP are refusing to develop a driver for the 6300C series??? That is an outrage and will damage their reputation as a decent and honest company. Not only that, it has already damaged a lot of small businesses (like mine) who walked blind into Vista only to find HP had left them in the sh*t. I paid good money for four 6300's which used to serve my business well. Solutions/work-arounds are one thing (if you can find them - we went back to XP at our own cost) - but what does it cost to develop a driver versus what it does to a company's reputation if they can't be arsed. Collective protest is what is needed. HP, hang your head in shame.
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