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Scanjet 4c and USB (507 Views)
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Scanjet 4c and USB

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I am trying to use my Scanjet 4c with an Adaptec USB2Xchange USB adapter and the Deskscan II software w/Windows XP. My PC is recognizing the Adapter and the Scanner, and Device Manager shows them as both operating properly, but the Deskscan software is not recognizing the scanner. Any ideas? I am connecting to the 25 pin SCSI port on the scanner, have it terminated appropriately and have tried all address settings on the scanner.



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Re: Scanjet 4c and USB

Hi Michael

The reason the software will not reconise is that the HP software will look for the Scanner on a SCSI card, the only way to use the scanner with this device is to use it under WIA.

Regards Michael
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Re: Scanjet 4c and USB

I have just come up against the same problem as you but I have further information which you might find pleasing.

The reason your scanner doesn't work as you expect is complicated but the short answer is Deskscan appears to look for SCSI device channels in windows and then attempt to contact the scanner. Problem is your USB2Xchange doesn't appear in the windows device hierarchy as a SCSI adapter but as a USB device which means the scanner cannot be found.

Now by doing a bit of research I have discovered a solution to this problem. Itâ s not straight forward but gives you reasonable results. It turns out that the HP ScanJet 4c comes from a family of scanners and is similar to the 6100c and 6300c range of devices made by HP after the 4c (HP increased res slightly, added some buttons, a USB interface and changed the look a little but the guts are very similar). Indeed the standard windows driver says itâ s a 4c/6100c scanner. Using this info I have discovered how to get the 4c to work with the 6300c software (6100 and 6300 work very similar as well). It doesnâ t work perfectly if you have an ADF in some areas but itâ s basically pretty good. (Precision scan has trouble with ADF but HP copy works great with it)

First step is to plug the whole lot in and install the Adaptec USB2Xchange drivers. You can then choose to install the HP driver update located in the 6300c driver area (sj674en.exe) or stay with the windows generic. I think the HP drivers are slightly better. Your unit should at this point be detected as a 6100c under â Scanners and Camerasâ in the control panel. You can then install either the Precision Scan software for the 6200c or 6300c. (The 6300c software is a later version â 2.03 so thatâ s my 1st preference - sj675en.exe).

You just have to keep in mind you do have an older generation of the hardware so some things and instructions donâ t quite work as expected. Eg. You have no buttons on your scanner. Also I think they made the 6xxx series a bit smarter in detection of options so you have to take this into consideration. Basic functionality works fine though.

Hope you find this information useful and good luck.
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