HP SCANJET 3300C doesn't work under WINDOWS XP SP2 (465 Views)
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HP SCANJET 3300C doesn't work under WINDOWS XP SP2

I tried to have it working both with microsoft drivers and hp lt precision scan. It never works. I tried on 3 different pc with XP SP2. If I plug the scanner XP recognizes it as a 6300c rather that 3300c and scan doesn't work. If I use the LT software error 2117 comes out or the LT software hangs completely. I tried to disable WIA and nothing good happened. I saw many have the same problems. I ask HP to release working drivers or get the scanner back and change with a new model which works under XP. Why should a user buy a new scanner for a software problem which is caused by HP?
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Re: HP SCANJET 3300C doesn't work under WINDOWS XP SP2

Is there new driver (OS XP sp2) for hp Scanjet scanner 3300C now?
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Re: HP SCANJET 3300C doesn't work under WINDOWS XP SP2

I, like you had the same problem and tryed all the advice given on this forum and others but finally figured it out my self by a little detective work and now have my scanner working great. Below is what I discovered and what solved the problem on two Windows XP SP2 computers.

HP Scan Jet 4200 & Windows XP SP2 Install Help
When you try and install the Drivers for the Scanner you may receive the following error:
â HP Precision Scan LT
There is a problem with the registry settings.
One or more settings were reset to the default value. .â or some other #.
Or when you go to use the Scanner you may receive the following error:
â Cannot find your Scanner
you may have a scanner connected to your PC,
but HP Precision Scan LT was unable to locate it.â
Both of the above error messages are the result of Windows XP SP2 Installing itâ s own Drivers
for the HP Scan Jet.
To confirm that this is the cause, Right Click on My Computer and click on the Properties
TAB, then click on the Hardware TAB, next click on the Device Manager TAB.
In Device Manager, go down and click on the Plus to the Left of Imaging Devices TAB.
It will expand to show the Hewlett-Packard Scan Jet 4200C (your model #) Double click on it.
The Hewlett-Packard Scan Jet 4200C Properties window will open.
Click on the Drivers TAB and look down to the line which tells Driver Provider.
If it has the word Microsoft for the Driver Provider then the information below will help you
resolve this problem. It should read for Driver Provider: Hewlett Packard.

If is has Microsoft as the Driver Provider then click on the Driver File Details TAB.
In the Driver File Details window you will find the Path for all the Drivers which Microsoft
installed for the Scanner. Write down the complete Path and file name for each file.
EXAMPLE C:\WINDOWS\system32\hpgt42.dll

Now go back to the Hewlett-Packard Scan Jet 4200C Properties window and click on the
Uninstall TAB. Once you have uninstalled the Microsoft drivers for the scanner, if it tells
you to restart your computer, just say NO! Close all the windows and then go into
C:\WINDOWS\system32 and either cut and past or delete all the files which Microsoft was
using to install the scanner.
Two things to take note of in this step: One is that I would cut & Past them to a different folder
until you have the scanner working under HP Precision Scan LT, then if you want to delete
them it is safe to do so. The second is that I have done this on two different Computers
and both of them were running Windows XP HOME SP2.
The 1st Computer was one I built my self for my wife, this one I was able to Cut & Past all files
while in normal Windows. The other one was a HP Pavilion and it would not let me Cut & Past
in Windows mode so I rebooted into Safe Mode and Cut & Pasted all the files.

Finally Reboot the computer and it will come up with a window to install the Hewlett-Packard
drivers, but will also complain about them not being Digital Signed, just click the continue
TAB, and when prompted to reboot do so and your scanner will now work just fine.

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Re: HP SCANJET 3300C doesn't work under WINDOWS XP SP2

John, i have the same problems with the scanner. I tried your solution but when i remove the (windows) drivers for the scanner (i copied them and deleted them, even from the trash) Windows put them back in place next time i reboot. At uninstalling the drivers there is no question about rebooting or not, the complete device dissapears. The message "an undefined program error has occured 2117 remains.
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Re: HP SCANJET 3300C doesn't work under WINDOWS XP SP2

You can use your Scanjet 3300C under Windows XP. If you have already installed HP PrecisionScan LT, first uninstall it, then uninstall the residual low-level drivers, as follows:

Unplug the scanner USB cable
Uninstall HP PrecisionScan LT (using HP Uninstall app.)
Reboot computer
Plug in the scanner USB cable
Uninstall scanner drivers using Device Manager (Imaging Devices)
Unplug the scanner USB cable
Reboot computer

Then re-install the Windows scanner drivers, whether you intend to use Windows "Camera and Scanner Wizard" or HP PrecisionScan LT, as follows:

Switch on the scanner and plug in the USB cable. Windows should detect new hardware and install the USB drivers automatically. If not, use the "Add New Hardware Wizard" (in Control Panel). You should then be able to use the "Camera and Scanner Wizard" applet (from Start/All Programs/Accessories), which is OK for simple purposes. I decided to settle for this and maybe try to get HP PrecisionScan LT working at a future time.

If you want to use HP PrecisionScan LT, it seems you must purge your PC system directories of all traces of the Windows generic scanner drivers, as per John's advice. I have not yet tried this, so I can't confirm that it does the trick, but try the following:

First use Device Manager to get the filenames of the Windows generic scanner drivers, then uninstall them (again, as above), then purge them from the system. God knows where Windows looks to find device drivers when new (USB) hardware is detected. The problem in this case seems to be that even after HP PrecisionScan LT is installed, Windows tries to re-install its generic drivers (as Ed discovered). HP should investigate and find out why this happens and post a workaround. Meanwhile, try John's workaround.

By the way, when a device driver is uninstalled, the files are automatically backed up in a directory: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ReinstallBackups\...\DriverFiles\.

Good luck, and tell us if you have any success!
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