HP Capshare and windows XP (409 Views)
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tish gonzalez
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HP Capshare and windows XP

Where can I get the drivers to be able to get my hp capshare 920 to work with Windows Xp. I bought it off of ebay
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Re: HP Capshare and windows XP

You don't need any drivers to use your Capshare if you have a USB port. All you need is an InfraRed (IrDA Wireless Bridge)device which you can purchase for about $12.

Then you can send your documents to your PC or laptop wirelessly.

See link...


I hope this helps!

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Peter Herzog
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Re: HP Capshare and windows XP

High Tish,

I followed your advice and bought a IRDA wireless bridge from Cables Ublimited, but unfortunately they sent the 4Mbps model, and the Capshare copier only works as slower speeds (115.2Mbps). Which Irda unit works for you?

Than you, Peter Herzog
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Martyn Parsons
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Re: HP Capshare and windows XP

I thought I would post my solution here. I've had a capshare since they were released and have kept an old HP laptop running Win 98 to process the files. Have just tried to get it working on my main computer and this is the solution I've found.

By a IRDA usb dongle this is the one I purchased :-

It is a sigma device and needs to be set up as follows.
From Device manager select the advance tag on the SigmaTel IRDA and select speed of 115200 and the default transceiver Type 6102F

There is no point in installing Capshare software it won't work.

When sending files Win XP will ask for permission to save them and they will be saved as tif's on your desktop.

Hope this helps someone else

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Re: HP Capshare and windows XP

I'm certain that the above recommendations would work just fine (using USB to IrDA dongle adapter).

I expect to find out myself (as soon as I order one). However, just a couple of things I'd like to point out.

First, since I have the original software driver, if was almost as inexpensive to simply purchase a serial adapter if your computer doesn't accommodate the OEM cable (male-to-male, 9 pin if connecting to a female serial port OR purchase and install a serial card in desktop PC); or USB to serial cable (again, 9 pin female). This works, of course, ONLY if you have the original (HP-provided) cable that came with the Capshare AND the software (which you might easily ask someone to copy and send to you).

Second, you should know that the IrDA solution which provides a *.tif image will NOT be able to be read by Scansoft's Pagis or other OCR software. Although this may NOT be an issue for many people (because they only want a COPY of whatever they're scanning), it DOES defeat one of the incredibly powerful features of the Capshare. Hope this helps also.

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