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Redundant RDP

Is it a recommended solution to setup two RDP servers One pointed to a local SQL server with a ODBC connection to a backup SQL Server, they setting up a second RDP server the same way? I guess the main question is can two RDP server replicate them selves?
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Re: Redundant RDP

Hello Rick,

I'm assuming when you say two RDP servers you are talking about the Altiris eXpress Deployment Server. If so we have not had a chance to really try this yet. But I think there may be multiple ways to do this. Since they are using a SQL database you should be able to get two databases to replicate with one publishing to the other. So you would have a primary and a secondary. Another method may be using Altiris Notification server. This is supposed to be able to manage multiple Deployment servers. Unfortunately as I said we have not had a chance test either of these yet. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you.
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Re: Redundant RDP

Thanks Mike, points me in the right direction, we are going to set it up and I will let you know how it works
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Re: Redundant RDP

Altiris does not support more than one Deployment Server in a Deployment Solution. Altiris does have a Notification Soultion for managing multiple Deployment solutions. This quickly becomes complex.

For Redundnacy of the RDP, some simple things to do are 1-- put the Client Access Point (the Express share point) on a NAS share point. This puts your inportant data (files, configurations, images) on the SAN where it gets backedup.

2... use a SQL server that is backedup.

Thus if the RDP box dies, all the data lives somewhere and can be recovered.
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