Re: Reconfirm on not-required field shows up as required (190 Views)
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Reconfirm on not-required field shows up as required

(Version 5.5 pl 19)
I have set up a field with a status dependency of Display, Edit, Reconfirm.

When that status is reached, a value is requested for the field, but the field is handled as a required field instead of an optional field.

Anyone else have this experience? Any workarounds?

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Re: Reconfirm on not-required field shows up as required


Try this,

In the Status Dependencies tab, select the request status and the field, then click on the Visible Yes, Editable Yes, Required No and Reconfirm Yes. Do this again if you have already done this. It may work. Sometimes we have got similar kind of issues on these status dependencies and it has worked out as well.
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Re: Reconfirm on not-required field shows up as required

I agree with Darshan. I believe there is a status dependencies bug. You can use this sql to make sure of what's really in the database: (just modify the request type name to fit your needs)

select s.status_name
, psf.prompt
, fd.visible_field_flag
, fd.required_field_flag
, fd.reconfirm_field_flag
, fd.clear_field_flag

from kcrt_request_types rt
, knta_parameter_set_contexts pst
, knta_parameter_set_fields psf
, kcrt_field_dependencies fd
, kcrt_statuses s
, kcrt_request_type_statuses rts
where rt.request_type_name = 'ENTER YOUR REQUEST TYPE NAME HERE'
and pst.PARAMETER_SET_ID = 213
and rt.REQUEST_TYPE_ID = to_number(pst.CONTEXT_VALUE)
and s.status_id = rts.status_id
and rts.request_type_status_id = fd.request_type_status_id
order by s.status_name, psf.prompt
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