Need asistance with Advanced Search Issue (434 Views)
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Need asistance with Advanced Search Issue



Recently I got to know that one of the PPM user is getting error (see attachment) when he is using Advanced Search option to search particular Request Type.



Steps that user used –


  • He logged into PPM tool.


  • He selected Search Requests and put Request Type as ABC(just an example) and clicked on Advanced Search.


  • There he selected option to include all CLOSED REQUESTS and OUTPUT limit was set to 10000 and clicked on search and got error message.



Following are some findings which might help you to get understanding of this issue:


  • He is getting an error only when he selects particular Request Type.


  • Issue is happening when he searches with the use of Advanced Search irrespective of filters.


  • If he uses normal search (not selecting Advanced Search), no issues with the same set of filters as mentioned above.


  • It is not happening with other users.


  • While checking the logs, I came to know about one error i.e. "ORA-00904: "WM_CONCAT": invalid identifier"



Please advise if anyone has faced this issue before. Please help.

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Re: Need asistance with Advanced Search Issue



With Regards to the error you noticed in your log - "ORA-00904: "WM_CONCAT": invalid identifier" 


Did you recently upgrade your Database?


The reason i'm asking is because we  faced a similar error. Upon research we realized that , WM_CONCAT is not a documented Oracle function. It was working fine until we upgraded our Database to 11.2.X. Then we saw the same error.


To overcome , a much better option is using the ListAgg function.


Hope the link helps -




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Re: Need asistance with Advanced Search Issue

That is odd. The Search > Requests is built-in, and not a customization.

Are you sure WM_CONCAT was for this failure.


- Just to be sure. Run through the same steps on your desktop and get a success.

   Logout of PPM, and let the failed user logon to PPM and try it from your machine.


- Next check the failed users group/Org model and licenses and compare to successful user searches.


- Reuqets Types do have an access tab, but I do not think it is used during searches.

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Re: Need asistance with Advanced Search Issue

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Also, check the request type for any URL/Link or Attachment fields having a token name longer than 18 characters.  Sounds crazy, but this is a known defect.  When trying to include URL or Attachment fields in search results, if the token length > 18 characters... it causes the search to not work.


 (But if you exclude those fields from the search results, you would get no error).


Shot in the dark but worth mentioning.


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