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Maximize the impact of HP PPM Center and Agile Manager (AgM) for better synchronization

PPM integration with Agile Manager.pngCurrent HP Project and Portfolio Manager users know how well it works with HP Agile Manager.  The two solutions are well integrated and complimentary. HP Agile Manager handles the agile projects and the agile portions of hybrid projects while HP PPM Center acts as the over-arching project management tool (for projects both traditional and agile).


But what happens when it is time for your employees to calculate their time sheets? Where do they count their time? Keep reading to find out how we solved this dilemma.

HP Project and Portfolio Management Tips and Tricks: Getting the most out of your logging.conf

tips and tricks pic.pngThere are some tips and tricks on how to output logs to dedicated files that I want to share with you. Keep reading to see these tricks and learn the different logger names to be used for different functional domains of HP PPM.


Guest post by Etienne Canaud, HP Project and Portfolio Management R&D

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Resource Management Module enhancements to HP PPM 9.22for increased usability

High five with computer.pngFor our latest version of HP Project and Portfolio Management software (HP PPM) we went straight to the users for enhancement suggestions.


After months of development, the product is ready. Keep reading to find out how we have improved the Resource Management Module for HP PPM version 9.22.

Saudi Telecom & HP PPM: 4 Months to Total Visibility, Control and Reporting

Saudi 1.jpgSaudi Telecom Company reveals how implementing HP Project and Portfolio Management brought significant success to the birth of a PMO.  


Guest Post by Ahmad M. Almuslami and team


Saudi Telecom Company - STC.

Out with the Post It Notes, in with Agile

Let's face it, Agile is changing the PPM world.  


We all know that agile frameworks are rapidly gaining popularity among software developers. We also know that it is challenging to support dozens of fast-paced projects without losing track of the big picture. On top of it all, effectively controlling the organization to reduce risk and improve agility, while making sure the projects are aligned with IT and business objectives is challenging.



velocity mobiility.png

The F Word of Project Management: What Has it Taught You?



Yes folks, the F bomb that no one really likes to talk about. We know from the statistics and research from eminent groups like Standish and Gartner that over 60% of projects still fail, and that means that for the vast majority of those reading this blog post, you have been in a project that has 'gone south.'



HP Discover: A View Through Project and Portfolio Management Tinted Glasses

We came, we saw, we conquered. HP Discover was, as always, a spectacular event. The presentations were well intended, the customer interactions incredible, the partner support amazing, the Venetian beautiful , Las Vegas hot and the 80’s music rocking. After months and months of planning, these three days always feel like they go by in the blink of an eye.  Before our heads stop spinning we wanted to put fingers to keys and invite you to take a look at Discover, through our Project and Portfolio Management tinted glasses. 





Paint By Numbers: A PPM Perspective on HP Discover Day One

It is H-O-T in Las Vegas and not just due to the weather. HP Discover is turning up the heat with countless hot Project and Portfolio Management topics from across the globe. #agile #cloud #mobility #bigdata #HPDiscoverHasItAll.


PPM booth.JPG

Update from Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit- Shining One Liners

Here are some of our favorite forward thinking one liners from the conference so far:

If a project has an engaged executive sponsor, average success rate is 75%. @MarkLangleyPMI


IT PMs struggle with project value because they believe they represent IT not the project owner.@Nimblepm


Gartner_inc: The Changing Landscape of the PMO #GartnerPPM @David_A_Thomas


"By the time something is around long enough to be a best practice, it's already out of date." ~ Coleen Young #GartnerPPM @AMStevens


"IT is the canary in the coal mine" - IT is a leading indicator of trouble ahead. #gartnerppm @ITLeaderDNA


Sittin on the dock of the potomac, watching day one roll away #gartnerppm @gaylordnational @HPPPM


McGraw-Hill's Best Practices with HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM): Leaders Stick Together

McGraw-Hill valued the "Information Age" before it ever existed.  Established in 1888, the $15 billion company has always understood the value of collecting, packing and selling information to help individuals and companies prosper.




McGraw- Hill first implemented HP Project and Portfolio Management many years ago, piece by piece via department-level licenses. That all changed in the late 2000's when they realized it would be more effective to implement the total HP Project and Portfolio Management Solution, rather  than purchasing licenses on a department-by-department basis. Then the forward thinking company took it a step further, forming the Project and Portfolio Management Center of Excellence (PPM CoE) within their IT Department to really maximize their return.


And maximize it they did. Kimberly Hicks, Manager of Quality Assurance, McGraw-Hill says “HP Project and Portfolio Management has helped us establish best practices across our organization, which in turn drives efficiencies in terms of both time and costs."

HP Software improves your visibility into application development projects

PPM Center.pngToday, HP announced the latest version of its HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, which enables enterprises to support and prioritize fast-paced application development projects, while enabling the alignment of IT priorities with business objectives. 


Written by Bruce Randall

Above and Below the Line, HP PPM Shines

As you may have read in our last blog, HP PPM is in a word, awesome.  The Forrester Wave™ for Project/Program Portfolio Management 2012 ranked HP PPM as a Strategic Leader based on a strict repertoire of criteria. Continue reading to find out what Forrester said about PPM above and below the line.

Discover 1:1 sessions with HP PPM Product Leadership at HP Discover

So you’re going to HP Discover.  You’ve built your schedule, you’re ready to go.  But you want more.   More information, more insight… well read more to learn how.

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Risk Management and the highly visible projects

As I’m sure you know, identifying and managing risks is a vital and fundamental activity in any project plan.  Typically the risk management approach is appropriately tailored to the characteristics of the project.  In a very short duration and low cost project, the risk management approach may be nothing more than simple list that the project leader maintains.   However, for complex, long duration, expensive, highly visible projects, risk management takes on a whole different level of importance. 


Space Shuttle 4484037217_848acf8df9_m.jpg


For the past few months, I’ve been living near the Kennedy Space Center, where NASA launches the Space Shuttle.  If they have problems, the results can be tragic. They take risk management seriously – see for yourself at their risk mgt page Or,if you’re interested in more about large project management for government and defense industries – check out the Glen Alleman’s blog “Herding Cats” where he has great insight into very large project and program mgt.


image from: cosmobc on flickr


Lately, I’ve been thinking about a very highly visible project that is nearing completion at the end of the month.  The project has a deadline that is very visible and would be difficult and embarrassing to delay. 

Royal Wedding 5600838974_30641c45ca_m.jpg

– The Royal Wedding in the UK at the end of this month. 



I think it would be fascinating to look at their risk management plan.   What sorts of risks are they concerned about and how are they addressing them.  



 photo by UK_repsome on flicker


Let’s just speculate about the unique risks the wedding planners might be tracking:




Plan to address

Inclement Weather



Tents, Umbrellas

Traffic Congestion



Proactive street closure

Cold Feet (either bride or groom)

Very High


Hire a look alike as stand in

Bachelor / Bachelorette Party excesses



Lots of adult supervision

Fashion faux pas



Designer for the wedding party

Football hooligans disrupt wedding



Schedule match away from wedding

Wedding Guest upstages wedding party



Carefully manage guest list.  
See ABC News

<add your ideas here- just add them in comments>





So, at the end of the month, in front of a worldwide TV audience of over 2 billion people, if you also watch the wedding, think about the wide variety risks that they managed. 


You can join in the fun… What would you add to our speculative Royal Wedding Risk Management Plan?  (just add a comment)


Of course, HP's Project and Portfolio Management solution can help track and manage the risks in your projects, but enough of that for now. If you’re interested in HP PPM, you can follow us at the HP PPM Blog  or even follow us @HPPPM on Twitter

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