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As a software vendor we like to think that we provide a lot of great information to the Project and Portfolio Management community. However it's obvious that the most valuable advice you can get about PPM best practices is from other companies and organizations that have been using it in a variety of different ways. Join peers from a variety of industries to learn from each other in Barcelona on 1st December 2014 at the HP PPM Customer forum.

Confused about analyst perspectives of the PPM space? Here are some tips...

We've had multiple clients ask us about how HP features (or does not feature) within Gartner reports on the PPM space and there seems to be some confusion due to the range of reports produced related to PPM.


If you are a Gartner client your first point of call should be to discuss this with Gartner as they are best able to give you clarity on this topic. What follows is my opinion in an attempt to clear up some of the confusion our customers have experienced.

See how HP PPM manages hybrid (traditional plus agile) projects at the Gartner PPM Summit

Find out about the latest features of HP PPM that focus on development projects. Speak with the HP PPM product team at one of the largest PPM events or join us at Discover the following week. 


HP PPM v9.22 now supports Swedish language pack

HP PPM now provides the Swedish language pack as a standard language pack, bringing PPM's total number of language packs up to 13. 

HP Discover 2014 – Call for PPM presenters

Early June can’t get here soon enough! I am so excited for HP Discover. But before we can launch the biggest event of the year, we want to hear from you.


If you have a story to share about how HP Project and Portfolio management has helped you, this is your opportunity to tell the world. The deadline present at Discover is quickly approaching. Keep reading to find out how you can participate in the event.


Guest Post by Vesna Soraic, HP Senior Marketing Manager

HP PPM Version 9.22: Additions to the Application Portfolio Management Module

APM 1.pngIn our latest version, 9.22, the HP PPM team has added two new capabilities that have enhanced the APM (Application Portfolio Management) module. The integration between HP APM and HP Universal CMDB enables users to share information between the UCMDB and HP APM platform. In addition, a new roadmap entity was added to the APM module which provides users with an easier method to configure and organize their workflow.  Keep reading to learn more. 

Maximize the impact of HP PPM Center and Agile Manager (AgM) for better synchronization

PPM integration with Agile Manager.pngCurrent HP Project and Portfolio Manager users know how well it works with HP Agile Manager.  The two solutions are well integrated and complimentary. HP Agile Manager handles the agile projects and the agile portions of hybrid projects while HP PPM Center acts as the over-arching project management tool (for projects both traditional and agile).


But what happens when it is time for your employees to calculate their time sheets? Where do they count their time? Keep reading to find out how we solved this dilemma.

Enhancements to the PPM-Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Project View Quality Integration

PPM ALM integration.pngHP Project and Portfolio Management was developed to  integrate with HP Application Lifecycle Management so that users can easily provides users with the ability to define, track, measure and report project milestones and key performance indicators (KPIs).


Keep reading to find out how you benefit from this partnership.

HP Project and Portfolio Management Tips and Tricks: Getting the most out of your logging.conf

tips and tricks pic.pngThere are some tips and tricks on how to output logs to dedicated files that I want to share with you. Keep reading to see these tricks and learn the different logger names to be used for different functional domains of HP PPM.


Guest post by Etienne Canaud, HP Project and Portfolio Management R&D

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Resource Management Module enhancements to HP PPM 9.22for increased usability

High five with computer.pngFor our latest version of HP Project and Portfolio Management software (HP PPM) we went straight to the users for enhancement suggestions.


After months of development, the product is ready. Keep reading to find out how we have improved the Resource Management Module for HP PPM version 9.22.

Get a handle on the business of IT at HP Discover 2013



Everything you every wanted to know about HP’s software hardware and services will be on show in Barcelona from 10th to 12th of December and many business and technical topics will be covered.  


One area of focus is going to be the value that IT provides and how IT can convey that value to the business – influencing the top line through innovation and not just the bottom line through efficiencies.

The new and improved HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) 9.22 is here!

PPM 9.22.pngToday is the day! Today is the day where you get to open your first present of the season—HP Project and Portfolio Management 9.22!


Keep reading to learn how the improvements we made will improve your project and portfolio management.

Saudi Telecom & HP PPM: 4 Months to Total Visibility, Control and Reporting

Saudi 1.jpgSaudi Telecom Company reveals how implementing HP Project and Portfolio Management brought significant success to the birth of a PMO.  


Guest Post by Ahmad M. Almuslami and team


Saudi Telecom Company - STC.

Dream Team stats—mobilize your PPM system with HP Anywhere!

Mobile_RGB_blue.pngMobility is key to the success for enterprises. This is vital for all aspects of business—even project and portfolio management.


Keep reading to find out how you can now manage your PPM environment from your mobile device.


HP Project and Portfolio Management: A closer look at 2 customer success stories

An effective implementation of project and portfolio management can help your organization reach the next level.


Continue reading to find out how HP Project and Portfolio Management helped two financial organizations gain a deeper understanding of their organization—and then use this information to propel forward. 

Allocating IT costs so the business gets IT! The keys to IT financial management

Exercise Bike.jpgLast week in my post “Driving transparency for IT financial management — are we all speaking the same language?” I discussed the importance of relating IT costs to a business service, business process or business capability level. For IT leaders, this involves changing the way they view IT. They need to shift from solely thinking about the things IT does (the how) to thinking about IT enables (the what).


Richard Hunter and George Westerman said in their book, “Real Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value,” that IT is like an exercise bike. The value proposition of the exercise bike is not in the pedals, handlebars or the other components; it is in the ability to lose weight and get in shape. The challenge for all IT organizations is to help their business understand where the money spent on IT is going. At the same time, IT has to act more like a businessperson when it comes to discussions regarding spending priorities and control. But how do you get IT leaders to make this change when IT collects its costs by cost center? The simple answer is by utilizing allocation.

Risk and its role in Project and Portfolio Management....... Do you want to play?

risk.jpgOn a lazy weekend afternoon, I love to sit down with my family and destroy them all in a game of “Risk”. After spending hours playing the game, I had an epiphany. Playing the game is actually helping me in my day job.


Keep reading to find out how I utilize the skills I have gained while playing this board game within my Project and Portfolio environment. Z

Driving transparency for IT financial management — are we all speaking the same language?

FT.jpgI have been meeting with CIOs and other senior IT leaders over the last couple years. And they always say they want to provide better IT transparency. Yet driving transparency into IT costs, benefits and risks turns out to be difficult. It’s so difficult (but so important) that I want to look at what’s keeping IT leaders from realizing this goal.

HP Project and Portfolio Manager’s Co-Captain: What HP Agile Manager can do for you

Sprint.jpgThere is no “I” in team, and the same holds true in your IT environment. (Even though there is an “I” in “IT” but I digress…)


Keep reading to find out how HP Agile Manager strengthens your project and portfolio management.

Enhanced Service with the new HP Project and Portfolio Management mobile apps!

Have you ever experienced a project crisis while away from your system? I know these situations tend to occur at inconvenient times, like on weekends or at night.


Now with the new HP Project Portfolio Management mobile apps you can solve your request management and timesheet approvals remotely. Continue reading to find out how you can maximize your efficiency and time. 

Expert tips and tricks to take your solution to the max

tips and tricks pic.pngA database connection is the way in which a database server and the client software communicate with each other in order to send commands to and receive replies from the server. 


If your HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) instance is running out of database connections, continue reading to find out the best way to solve the problem

HP Project and Portfolio Manager (PPM) integrations: An introduction to the PPM Dream Team

If you were choosing the members of a basketball team, who would you choose? In 1992, this idea became a reality when the first Olympic team with NBA players took the court. They were known as the “Dream Team” for good reason.


The same applies to your project management. If you could pick the software to help you, what would you pick? Keep reading to find out what products I consider to be on my “Dream Team”.

Managing your IT portfolio: Some things to think about!

Myles 3.jpgHave you balanced your program and project portfolio? Can you say that your existing  and projected portfolios are optimized in terms of responding to changing enterprise priorities and demands. Your IT organization is responsible for the cradle-to-grave portfolio process. As part of this responsibility, you need to ensure that the IT portfolio of services (whether existing or projected) meets the enterprise’s priorities and demands. This is important because it strengthens the enterprise’s capabilities system, and thus, its right to win within new and existing businesses. In this post, I will review what COBIT 5 has to say about portfolio management goals as well share their recommended portfolio management metrics. 

How can you drive innovation within the Project Management Office?

Myles 3.jpg“How can we drive innovation?” This is a relevant question for most Project Management Offices (PMOs). It is also an important element of the IT value chain. “Can IT drive innovation from strategy to portfolio?” This requires innovation that is formulated against all business, technical and functional requirements toto truly support the needs of business customers. IT organizations need to have their “eyes wide open” to trends in information technology and services to understand where to focus this innovation. But often, it mostly it involves having a PMO that delivers on innovation opportunities and ensures that the benefits meet business needs.

A PPM tool without the ability to measure is like a day without sunshine

Sunshine.jpgRecently, I met with a CIO from a Global 50 company. When I discussed with him the importance of IT performance management, he admitted that none of his vendors ever talk to him about IT performance management. I was amazed. He went onto say that having a performance management system would ensure that he gets real business transformation and ROI out of his IT investments. “What I need is best-practice KPIs to measure along the journey,” he said. Given this, how should performance management be used alongside a project and portfolio management tool and what should it measure?

Major manufacturer sees Executive Scorecard as enabling reduction of project cost

Mfg.jpgFor several years, I have been sharing HP Executive Scorecard with our customers. Usually, discussions with customers focus on continual improvement, creating improved IT predictability or, even better, business transformation. During a recent customer visit, the discussion covered those topics, but for the first time, the conversation also focused on direct cost reduction for the company’s project management office. The customer was looking to reduce PMO costs for two reasons.

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Not Quite the ‘Born on the 4th of July’ Blog;

I sit here writing this on the 4th of July which, for the Americans in my audience, is a day of celebration......




And, for those who are not U.S. citizens, you may wonder why this Day of Independence happened at all........  Well let me start with a couple of thoughts. When an organisation, such as the British Empire, 1) gets too large too quickly, without de-centralising accountability to make decisions at levels best suited for the local community and 2) insists on centralising all aspects of life and regulation at one central point without reference to local sensibilities, well, you see what can happen.


Tea, anyone?

Out with the Post It Notes, in with Agile

Let's face it, Agile is changing the PPM world.  


We all know that agile frameworks are rapidly gaining popularity among software developers. We also know that it is challenging to support dozens of fast-paced projects without losing track of the big picture. On top of it all, effectively controlling the organization to reduce risk and improve agility, while making sure the projects are aligned with IT and business objectives is challenging.



velocity mobiility.png

The F Word of Project Management: What Has it Taught You?



Yes folks, the F bomb that no one really likes to talk about. We know from the statistics and research from eminent groups like Standish and Gartner that over 60% of projects still fail, and that means that for the vast majority of those reading this blog post, you have been in a project that has 'gone south.'



HP Discover: A View Through Project and Portfolio Management Tinted Glasses

We came, we saw, we conquered. HP Discover was, as always, a spectacular event. The presentations were well intended, the customer interactions incredible, the partner support amazing, the Venetian beautiful , Las Vegas hot and the 80’s music rocking. After months and months of planning, these three days always feel like they go by in the blink of an eye.  Before our heads stop spinning we wanted to put fingers to keys and invite you to take a look at Discover, through our Project and Portfolio Management tinted glasses. 





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