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DL360G1 - convert raid 0 to raid 1

I inherited a DL360 app server with 1 HDD set up as RAID 0. This is a critical server using software that cannot be restored from scratch if destroyed.

I want to move the image to a DL360 G2 server and add mirroring (RAID 1), or at least mirror the present server. My preference would be to mirror the present server first; then move it to the newer server.

I can't figure out how to SAFELY convert the array to RAID 1. Is this even possible? If not, does anyone know a good method for imaging this drive to restore on the G2?
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Re: DL360G1 - convert raid 0 to raid 1

good afternoon, it is not possible to migrate of a raid 0 to a raid 1, if you had a raid 1 is possible to migrate it to a raid 5 but raid 0 to raid 1 it is not possible
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Re: DL360G1 - convert raid 0 to raid 1

the easiest way ist to make a backup of all partitions using Acronis or some other imaging tool. Than configure a RAID 1 array with same partitions and restore all partitions.
If you use the newest server version of Acronis you can build up the image with new drivers (as I remember, some drivers are different between G1 and G2).
If moving fails, you have the old system running.

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