HP DL 380 Gen8 - Nvidia Quadro 4000 - No ILO ? (657 Views)
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HP DL 380 Gen8 - Nvidia Quadro 4000 - No ILO ?



I've installed a NVIDIA Quadro 4000 Graphics Card in our HP DL380 Gen8 Server since that time its not possible to 

use the remote console from ILO.


I only get a blank screen with a video resolution of 720*400.


Any ideas how to get the ILO to work ?



D. Oeden

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Re: HP DL 380 Gen8 - Nvidia Quadro 4000 - No ILO ?

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iLO still works, just you cannot do Remote Console with the nVidia Quadro card because, the Remote Console feature requires a special physical bus between iLO and the Video chip that is only possible with the video chip we put on the systemboard (in the Gen8 case, the video is embedded in the iLO chip itself)

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Re: HP DL 380 Gen8 - Nvidia Quadro 4000 - No ILO ?

Why do you say iLO doesn't work? If it a matter of not having an advanced iLO license pack to actually manage remotely (keyboard input etc.) HP will provide a temporary license to use. that said, all iLO's let you view server POST screen, which is great for troubleshooting a rebooting server. With the new Gen8 servers, you can do so much more thru iLO. It is well worth the money for an advanced license pack that gives you virtual media, remote interactive KVM, advanced server health monitoring and alerting, more advanced scripting tools for use with the CLI


Anyway, just my 2 cents...



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Re: HP DL 380 Gen8 - Nvidia Quadro 4000 - No ILO ?

... but all the output goes to the quadro card, the ILO cannot show the output of this card. You can only use remote desktop once the OS is up.

Hope this helps!


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