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DL380 G5 Server won't detect Array Controller

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Hi all,

I have an HP DL380 G5 server. The server sporadically does not detect the array controller (P400). When you reboot the server, it detects the memory in bios, then the iLo then when it comes to RAID Controller, it just does not see it. Typically, HP Server will see the controller and says P400 Array Controller and start reading the HDs then says “2 Logical drives detected” or something like this. This happens sometimes but not all the time. Sometimes, it just never detects the controller at all which causes the server not to boot as there is technically no hard drive in this case. I noticed that when I boot the server (by pressing the power button), it does not make this “loud sound” in the beginning that apparently starting all the fans and initializing everything else (this loud sound goes on typically for about 5 to 10 seconds after you press the power button on any server then goes away and the black screen start to show up showing XX memory detected, 2 processors detected, and it goes through the normal startup processes). This loud sound does not happen on this server unless if I unplugged the power cords completely and then reconnected them then press the power button again. In this case, the Controller will always be detected but if I simply rebooted the server, this loud sound does not happen and there is only 50% chance of the server detecting the controller. I updated all the BIOS on this server using HP SUM. Any idea? Please try not to be too technical in your answer as I’m certainly not a hardware person.



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Re: DL380 G5 Server won't detect Array Controller



In this case I would try the P400 in another slot if available.

If other slot is not available, try Reseating the card into the same slot.

Try updating the P400 firmware.


Thank You!
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Re: DL380 G5 Server won't detect Array Controller

Thanks for getting abck to me. I'm unable to do this because the pci riser cage won't fit if I moved the controller to the available slot (the space between the slot and the cage is very tiny that the hard drive cables won't fit

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