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About the correct way to trunk/untag



I have to configure three switches (One 2920 and two 2510).

I made it works but I have some questions in order to make it he right way.


First configuration :

My two 2510 are connected directly to the 2920. I made a lacp trunk on each 2510 and two on the 2920. I tagged the trunk on every VLAN and every switch. The layer 3 switch has a static IP address on each VLAN. IP routing is activated.
Each 2510 has a ip address acquired by DHCP on VLAN2. show IP address show me a correct IP. The 2510 have a default gateway (The IP of the 2920 on VLAN 2).


Configuration Two :
2920 is connected to a 2510. The other 2510 is connected to the first 2510.

If I tag my LACP Trunk (As I did just before) the last switch can't receive an IP address. If I give a static IP it can't be ping or ping other networking equipment).
To make it work, I had to tag my LACP trunk on every VLAN except the VLAN 2 on which the LACP trunk is untagged. In this case I can receive an IP address and ping every networking equipment in LAN (I also can give a static IP address).

In the other case i can untag ethernet port correctly and it works but I can't manage my Procurve by network.


My question are : How to configure it the right way? In my first configuration should I untag the trunk as I did in the other scenario? Is it correct to do it that way or will it cause networking problems ?

The only way in the configuration is to untag the trunk on the management VLAN?


Thank you !


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Re: About the correct way to trunk/untag

The answer is "no", you do not need to have whichever VLAN you use for management to be "untagged" on any trunk.


It seems likely there was a misconfiguration somewhere.


The trunk config 2510<---->2510 should look identical to the trunk config 2920<---->2510.

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