HP 9050 Firmware causes Duplexing problem

by Community Manager on ‎03-07-2012 01:28 PM


I recently upgraded some of my HP Laserjet 9050 printer to the latest firmware version, 08.200.2, and am now experiencing problems when users try to print duplexed jobs.  The first two pages both print out single sided and then the remaining document will print out duplexed.  I have some 9050's that have not received this firmware update and are still able to print duplexed jobs correctly. Has anyone come across this problem before? Or would anyone know where I can obtain older versions of the 9050 firmware?


I wanted to send a documentation of my resolution for the issue with the HP9050dn 08.220.1B firmware causing duplex errors, and yes I said resolution :). It is not a technical resolution, rather one that took many phone calls and polite conversation and the willingness of HP to make right of a bad situation.


How I got it fixed: After working with an HP L2, I have the following resolution. (HP Support number 1-800-334-5144) The firmware labeled: 08.220.1B for the HP 9050dn is in-fact a faulty firmware. HP admits to being unable to provide a quick turn-around on an updated firmware, therefore they have offered to replace the Compact Flash card that the good (08.180.1) firmware resides on. 


Update: I received 5 replacement CF cards with the firmware 08.180.1 and the issue is now resolved. Thanks HP for a quick resolution (approximately 36 hours). My only suggestion is to have L2 people readily available after business hours to help businesses resolve issues in a timely manner. 24 hours simply will not suffice if your business heavily depends on printing.

Technical thoughts on why the firmware poses an issue: I feel as though the issue lies between communication from the driver to the firmware, because when you test print via the paper path test, the duplex works like a champ. However, if you have a print job that you send through the driver, it will not duplex correctly. Every other job will duplex the first two pages, and the pages that are duplex, are backwards from what they should be. Meaning, if you are printing duplex long edge, it will in fact print backwards, duplex, and short edge. Again, it seems as though there is an issue printing with their latest driver and firmware together. Just for the record, I have also printed using older versions of the driver (Post Script, PCL6, and PCL5) and it still did not work with the latest firmware.

Side note pertaining to troubleshooting this issue: If you're like me, you will want to try every possible step to get that printer going without making a call to HP. Just FYI, Wiping the NVRAM (according to HP) will not wipe the firmware on the CF card. I am thinking about going, when this is all over, and grabbing a standard CF card, and copy all of the contents from a known good HP CF card and see if that will work in a pinch. I'm sure it's best to go with OEM, as OEM may be the only one that will work. Also, the PDF that I attached that states you are able to downgrade the HP 9050dn firmware is not true. I've created the XML file and tried to apply this patch, but it will not work for the 08.220.1B revision.


I hope all of you get this worked out! Let me know if you have any questions about my journey.




by on ‎03-30-2013 05:32 PM

when everything else fails..do a test page on each printer, before you get HP involved.

they charge (if you can afford it). If internal test page is good, that narrows it to the network hiccup. quite often one number will screw up the works, ie: address.

by PC_Designs on ‎11-08-2013 11:48 AM

I recently changed my phone service to another company.  Since that time my dedicated fax line has a dial tone, but the faxes will not send or receive.  I currently use the HP Officejet Pro L76801 All-in-One.  I tried the dsl filter, but it did not change the problem.  Solutions????


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