laserjet 2840 replace supplies error (2937 Views)
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Renee White
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laserjet 2840 replace supplies error

i am getting an error message to "replace supplies" and the last box on the display is lit up over a diagram of ? (i don't know what the diagram is, that is my problem)

I don't know what supply to replace. none of the documentation says anything about the generic term "replace supplies". My toolbox software on my desktop is corrupt and the supply report refuses to print out.

Please help. I'm very frustrated.
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Joseph Glawson
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Re: laserjet 2840 replace supplies error

Couple of questions. Is the printer currently at a ready light state or no?

If you want to print a "Supplies Status Page" do the following:

1. On the control-panel menu, press "Menu".
2. Use the < or the > button to select "Reports", and then press "Enter"
3. Use the < or the > button to select "Supplies Status", and then press "Enter"

Note: ***(The above menu selections are without the quotes. This is so you'll know which one to push)***

This should get you a report of the current levels remaining for your supplies so you'll know what to replace.


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Steven Thrasher
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Re: laserjet 2840 replace supplies error

I am also having this error. Follow the instructions listed by the other respondant, a supplies page does not print.

I just spent a ton replacing the drum, but still get the error message. I fear that this is becoming a very expensive fix.

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Re: laserjet 2840 replace supplies error

Wow Joe,

Did you even bother to read what the original poster wrote? It says "Replace Supplies" AND he said he didn't know which one it was because HE CAN'T GET A REPORT TO PRINT! Yet, you tell him how to print a report? Absolutely no help at all man.
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Re: laserjet 2840 replace supplies error

I'm having the same problem, has anyone found a soluntion yet? I was printing then it stopped. Red ! mark was flashing, then it said replace supplies. So, I replaced black cartridge and nothing. I have even tried to power it down and still nothing.

It won't print nothing.
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Katharyn Doak
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Re: laserjet 2840 replace supplies error

Ok. Here is what worked for us. Both HP printers in our office quit on us yesterday. One of them is a LaserJet 2840. We've been printing in "Black Only". Yesterday we started getting an unresolvable "Replace supplies" error. This might help:

1) Press the "Menu" button on the machine.
2) Press the right arrow button until you reach "Network config." and press "Enter".
3) Press the right arrow button until you reach "TCP/IP config" and press "Enter".
4) The first choice should be "Manual". Press "Enter".
5)It will say "IP Address" followed by a number. Write the number down. It will probably look similar to:
6) Go to an internet browser and in the address bar type http:// followed the number. Eg,
7) It will take awhile but this should eventually return info about your printer. (Unless your printer is not connected to a network.) Click on "Supplies Detail".

It turned out that our printer needs a new imaging drum. Zero estimated pages were left. Since we get a separate "Replace toner" message for the empty colored ink cartridges we're not using, you'd think "Replace imaging drum" might have been a more logical error message.
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