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Unable to share P2015 PCL6 between Windows 7 and XP

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I've connected via USB my printer to a Windows 7 PC and the printer works very well. Now i want to share it with an XP PC and here is the problem.


XP can see the printer but when it try to connect to it, say that some drivers are needed. i said ok, and i've selected the drivers from the disk shipped with the printer, but it doesn't work. XP said that he can't find a driver that works with the architecture of the printer.


Can you help me, i'm going mad :(


P.S. sorry for my bad english, reply with an easy english, if you can :)

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Re: Unable to share P2015 PCL6 between Windows 7 and XP

I am providing you the link on documents that has information on your issue. This might help you.


Sharing Printer from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows Vista in a Network



Windows 7 Printer Sharing Within a Mixed Windows Operating System Environment


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Re: Unable to share P2015 PCL6 between Windows 7 and XP

I have an HP 2200d on the Win 7 Computer and from a Win XP Home SP3 computer I try to connect to that printer. It should work as described, but it doesn't. I am asked to point to the driver but I am always told that the driver is not correct (I have tried four or five from the HP site). On one XP machine after at least a dozen errors it simply showed up in my list of printers, but not on the second XP machine. I am close to giving up, I have spent many hours on this.

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Re: Unable to share P2015 PCL6 between Windows 7 and XP

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get yourself a usb print server I got a different brand for $65  AUD and it shares the USB printer via IP across a whole IP network.



I can not inform on how good wireless ones are as I am using a wired type and then you can print from any computer without having to have the computer sharing turned on all the time.


And it will most likely solve this hassle you are having.

Mine came with a CD that installs the print server driver onto each machine and then you just add the correct driver on each machine for the printer. Mine came with good documentation on how to set it up also.



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Re: Unable to share P2015 PCL6 between Windows 7 and XP

Thanks for your reply, but i've already saw this documents.


The configuration is ok, the problem is in the drivers that XP can't find!

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Re: Unable to share P2015 PCL6 between Windows 7 and XP

This is a common issue which can be solved easily.  First load the p2015 printer on the xp computer as a local printer attached to lpt1.  Just follow all the prompts do not use autodetect and when you get to the makers page click on have disk and navigate to where you unzipped the files you downloaded from hp.  When finished go to printers and faxes and right click on the P2015 icon and scroll down to properties and left click.  Now go to ports and choose add port and double click on local port and in the box that comes up type in the windows 7 computer name and the share name of the printer on the windows 7 machine.  Use the syntax \\computername\sharename where computername is the name of the windows 7 computer and share name is the shared name you gave the printer.  Save and apply and the printer will now work.

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Re: Unable to share P2015 PCL6 between Windows 7 and XP

If the driver got installed by Windows Update on 64-bit Windows. Then you will never get driver to add it in additional drivers of x86 on 64-bit machine for sharing! because upon investigation i understand HP didn't write for it or don't have it for P2015 on PCL6! 
Workaround one: You need to delete/uninstall the driver from Windows Update then download and extract HP LaserJet Universal Driver PCL6 for both x64 and x86. (Make sure they are on same version by Driver Deployment Utility.) Install x64 first on 64-bit windows 7 pc on which printer is connected then go to sharing click additional drivers install x86 driver on it. Now you can share this printer with x86 clients! just give \\computername\HP LaserJet Universal Driver PCL6 then connect. That's all.
Workaround two:
You can also go to client computer direct (x86 which needs to connected with 64-bit) just install Universal driver for PCL6 on the network selection choose the last option put \\computername\HP LaserJet P2015 PCL6 then click connect but it will show it is not connected! never mind. Click okay. It will get installed. Try print a test page and see.
(Here you dont need to uninstall windows update driver on destination printer ie., x64-bit to whom the printer was connected)
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